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Moon 2022: Weak moon can give mental dissatisfaction, Know remedies to deal

My jyotish expert Updated 31 May 2022 10:18 AM IST
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The position of the Moon has a lot of influence in astrology. It is only by the influence of the moon that the entire state of mind of a person can be changed.

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It can be very easy to understand. Moon is a factor of mind and hence the position of the Moon is going to directly affect the mental health of a person. Different importance of the Moon has been given in the 12 houses present in the birth chart. Out of all these houses, there are also some special houses where the position of the Moon is also seen as a decrease in inauspiciousness. The strong Moon present in the birth chart plays a very meaningful role in determining the self-confidence and character of the person, while on the other hand, the effect of the weak Moon is also going to affect the person in many cases from adverse situations. Let us know which are those expressions where the moon becomes weak and is unable to give its auspiciousness completely.

Moon in 6th house
Sixth Moon is not considered favorable. Moon represents the mother so there may be a problem related to maternal factors. Moon represents blood, chest, and lungs, there may be impurity of blood, stones, cough, and cold, or some long and incurable disease like paralysis, heart, and lack of sleep. Moon mainly controls the mind, native in the 6th house can be full of negative emotions. The native may fall prey to various types of debts and diseases, which lead to a state of depression. A workplace can be another area where the native may have problems.

If the Moon is accompanied by other soft planets like Jupiter or Venus, it can help. In routine life, the mind of these people is focused on solving challenges, overcoming obstacles, addressing the issues of others, being critical, and analytical, and on the details of all the tasks that they undertake. Because of these experiences, these people are good healers and problem solvers. One can become a doctor, nurse, lawyer, etc. At first, it may not seem like such a good place, but as long as these people become experts in facing the problems in their life and become able to face also of them.

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Moon in the eighth house
The eighth house represents mysterious things, the person is attracted to unknown, mysterious things. Moon being here may indicate a lack of compatibility. Can hide his feelings from others. The native may feel lonely and sad. They may have the psychic ability to see the lives of others. On the other hand, Moon in the eighth house gives loving, caring nature and can attract people with emotional needs. Moon makes the native rich through inheritance or unexpected gains. Marriage can also prove to be financially beneficial.

Such people can have careers in fields related to psychiatry, psychology, medicine, research, criminal work, detective work, funerals, and morgues. On a positive note, Moon makes the native wealthy through inheritance or windfall gains. Marriage will also prove to be financially beneficial as the partner will be rich or will bring money, in-laws will also contribute to this and will also be helpful. Moon will give some health-related problems related to blood, eyes, lungs, chest, stomach, etc. Women may feel problems during menstruation and pregnancy.

Moon in the twelfth house
Moon is considered weak in the twelfth house. Here the Moon makes the natives feel very private and often isolated. Natives are emotionally confused and very sensitive to any advice or criticism. They feel insecure about other people's reactions and find it difficult to deal with people daily. They are hesitant to reveal their feelings and needs and may also suffer from phobias. Natives have a feeling of loneliness and may feel incapable, may feel helpless, which are the side effects of the Moon in the twelfth house. The native may be stressed by constant worries and worries. There may be more chances of delay in normal routine activities. Childhood memories or experiences play a major role in this type of behavior.

Moon is the significator of the mother and often signifies a parent who may be affected by health-related problems. A mother's happiness can be weak. Moon in the twelfth house can give problems to the eyes. If the Moon is free from troubles or negative aspects, then he can settle abroad and lead a happy life. If planets like Ketu or Jupiter are affecting the Moon in some way, then the person can become spiritual and religious. Women are likely to fall in love. The people with Moon in the twelfth house are very good-natured and spend a good amount on charity too. The native may retire early from his job or business.
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