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Musarhawa Baba Temple: Know the importance of the temple where All beliefs are fulfilled

tishita nandantishita nandan Updated 27 May 2022 01:49 PM IST
Mushawar temple
Mushawar temple - Photo : Google
Believe it or not, but it is true that every person has to offer bidi. No matter how common or special the person may be, bidi has to be offered and those who do not do so after coming here, it is believed that inauspicious incidents happen to those people.
Let me tell you, there is a temple of Musharwa Baba situated on the Bhabua Adhaura main road on a 1400 feet high hill, 25 km from the district headquarters, where people believe that before climbing the hill valley and after climbing it is necessary to offer bidi to Musharwa Baba. . With this, all kinds of obstacles coming in their way are removed and people secure their journey. Those who do not have bidis to offer, they put money in the donation box of Musaharwa Baba to offer bidis and then move on.
There are also some people whose daily traffic keeps coming from this road, then those people tell that whenever they get down or climb from this hill, then after offering beedi and resting for some time only for other work or for their journey ahead. Growing up. Those people say that due to this their day passes very well and there is no problem or obstacle of any kind in the climb.
The custom or rule of offering bidis is not only for the people of that area, but people coming from UP, Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh also offer bidis to Musharwa Baba for their efficient Mangal Yatra. The priests of the temple tell that those who are unable to offer bidi to Baba, such people take Baba's prasad and rest for some time when they proceed for their journey. It is said that if you bow your head in Baba's temple, there is no untoward incident on the way, even if there is any obstacle, it gets averted.
This practice is quite old, but even today, it is seen by all the people and only after taking blessings by offering beedi to Baba, they decide the way forward.

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