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MyJyotish Expert Updated 14 Feb 2022 04:03 PM IST
The immortal Lord Hanuman
The immortal Lord Hanuman - Photo : Google
 As we all know that Hanuman ji is called the son of Pawan and also the devotee of Ram, the worship of Hanuman ji, who defeats the crisis, is considered to be the best on Tuesday. On this day Hanuman ji is offered vermilion chola and jaggery prasad, it is said that Sankatmochan wore a lavash of chola to please Sita and Ram ji. According to Hindu religion, if 108 names of Hanuman ji are chanted every day, then all the work of that person becomes successful. The faith, worship and worship of Hanuman ji has great importance in Hinduism. Hanuman ji is the Rudra form of Shiva, just as Shiva is the innocent Bhandari, in the same way if he is remembered with the mind, then all his troubles are taken away by the son of Pawan, Hanuman.

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If you have been deprived of the Sundarkand due to any reason, then you chant the 108 names of Hanuman ji, God will be happy.

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Let us know what is the benefit of chanting 108 names of Hanuman ji.
Mental balance is always right.
By having sattvik thoughts, always good thoughts remain in the mind.
Will never get angry because Hanuman is known as a devotee and there is power in devotion.
Lack of money (economic condition) will always be strong.
Before going in any auspicious work, chant the bad work will be successful.
There will always be a different force in the body which will show the way to move forward.

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1.Anjaneya Meaning: Anjani's son
2. Mahavir: Powerful and brave
3. Hanumat : Hanu means dhodi, whose cheeks are plump/puffy
4. Marutatmaj: The god of gods, Pawan Dev, loves gems
5.Tattvajnanaprada: One who gives wisdom
6. Sitadevimudrapradayak: The one who gives the ring of Lord Rama to Sita Mata
7.Ashokavanakachhetre: The turmoil of Ashoka Bagh
8.SarvamayaVibhanjan: Destroyer of deceit
9. Sarvabandhavimoktre: One who removes attachment
10. Rakshavo Destroyer : Destroyer of demons
11. Parvidya Parihar: Destroyer of evil forces
12. Parashaurya Vinashan: Those who destroy the bravery of the enemy
13.Parammantra Nirakatre: To support the name of Ram
14. Parayantra Bhedrak : Those who defeat the objective of the enemies
15. Sarvagraha Vinashishi: One who saves from the wrath of the planets
16.Bhimasena Sahayakrithe: Aide of Bhima
17. Sarvadukh Hara: One who removes sorrows
18. Sarvlokacharine: The one who washes the pure and right place
19.Manojavay : The one with the same speed of air
20. Parijata Drumulastha : Living under the Prajakta tree
21. Sarvamantra Swaroopvate: The lord of all mantras
22. Sarvatantra Swarupene : Like the shape of hymns
23. Universal : living in machines
24. Kapishvara: Heir and deity of the monkey army
25.Epic : having a giant body
26. Sarvaroghara : The destroyer of diseases
27.Prabhve: Beloved of all
28. Bal Siddhikar: The rich of power
29. Sarvvidya Sampatpradak: The giver of knowledge and wisdom
30. Kapisenanayak: Chief of the monkey army

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31. Bhavishyathchaturananay: Knower of the future
32. Kumar Brahmachari : Complete Brahmachari
33. Ratna Kundal Diptimate : The one who wears the jeweled coils in the ears.
34. Chanchaldwal Sanandhalambaman Shikhojwala: Whose tail is above their brain
35. Gandharva Vidyatatvajna, : Omniscient of celestial science
36. Mahabal Parakram: Knowledgeable and expert of great powers
37. Prisoner Vimoktre : One who delivers free from captivity
38. Series Bandhamochak: Stress reliever
39. Sagrottarak: One who crosses the ocean by leaping
40. Pragya : Scholar / Knowledgeable
41. Ramdoot : Ambassador of Shri Ram
42. Pratapawate: Gained fame in gallantry
43.Vanar : Ape with similar behavior
44. Kesarisut: Kesari's son
45. Sitashok Nivarak: The one who removes the sorrows of Mother Sita
46.Anjanagarbhasambhuta: One who is born from the womb of Mother Angani
47.Balarkasdrashanan : The one who is bright like the sun
48. Vibhishana Priyakar: Friend of Vibhishana
49. Dashgriva Kulantaka: The one who ended the dynasty of Ravana
50. Lakshmanapranadatre: The one who kills brother Lakshmana
51. Vajrakaya : Strong body like metal
52. Mahadyut: Tejas
53. Chiranjeevine: One who lives forever - One whose death is not certain
54. Ram Bhakt: Bhagat close and dear to Shri Ram
55. Daityakarya Fatal: The one who ends all the work of demons
56. Akshahantre: The one who killed Akshay, the son of Ravana.
57. Kanchanabh: The owner of golden colored body
58. Panchavaktra: Unique God with five faces
59. Mahatapasi : Ascetic-faced
60. Lankini Bhanjan : The one who ends Lankini

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61. Mrs. : One of dignified conduct
62. Simhikaprana Bhanjan: The one who destroys the life of Simhika
63. Gandhamadana Shailastha: One who resides on Gandhamadan mountain
64. Lankapur Vidhayak : To destroy Lanka
65. Sugriva Secretary: Sugriva's ministerial form
66. Dhir: Brave / Shaktimaan
67.Shoor: Courageous warrior
68. Daityakulantaka : Killer of demons
69. Surarchit : God worshiped by gods
70. Mahatejas : Most Radiant
71. Ramchudamanipradayak: The one who gives Sita's bangle to Ram
72. Kamarupine: Rich in many forms
73.Pinglaksh: One who wears pink eyes
74. Vardhimainak Worshiped: Worshiped by Mount Mainak
75. Kabalikrit Martandamandalaya: One who swallows the Sun in the mouth
76. Vijitendriya: One who controls the senses
77. Ramsugriva Sandhatre: Mediator between Rama and Sugriva
78. Maharavan Mardhana: The One Who Killed Ravana
79.Sphatikabha : Absolutely pure
80. Chief : Specialist of Spokespersons

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81. Navvyakrit Pandit: Complete in all the disciplines
82. Quaternary : Four-sided
83. Dinabandhu: Protector of the afflicted
84.Mahatma: God
85. Bhaktavatsal: Protector of love devotees
86. Sanjeevan Nagahartre : The one who brought Sanjivani Com
87.Such: Sacred / Pure
88. Wagmine : A Perfect Speaker
89. Perseverance : One who intends to do severe penance
90. Kalnemi Pramathan : One who kills Kalnemi
91.Harimarkta Merkata: God of the apes
92. Teeth: Quiet
93. Quiet: Creator
94. Prasannatne: Cheerful
95. Shatkantamadapahete: The one who destroys Shatkanth's ego
96. Yogi : Great personality
97. Ramkatha Lolay: One who yearns to hear the story of Shri Ram
98. Sitanveshan Pandit: The Finder of Sita
99. Vajradranushta: One who wears thunderbolt
100. Vajrankha: Strong nails like a thunderbolt
101. Rudravirya Samudbhava: Incarnation of the naive Bhandari Shiva
102. Indrajitprahitamoghabrahmastra Vinivarak: One who destroys the effect of Indrajit's Brahmastra
103. Partha Dhwajagrasamvasine: One who is seated on Arjuna's chariot
104. Sharpanjar Bheerak : The destroyer of arrow nests
105. Dashabahve: One who has ten arms
106. Lokapujya: Revered by all living beings of the universe
107. Jambavatpreetivardhan: The beloved of Jambavat
108. Sitaram Padsevak: One who is fascinated in the service of Lord Rama and Sita

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