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Names according to zodiac sign| What things should be kept in mind while naming a child?

My jyotish expert Updated 06 Mar 2022 09:31 AM IST
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Names according to zodiac sign| What things should be kept in mind while naming a child?

The name is the identity of a person which carries with him the whole life. If the name is good, then many tasks in life go on being made automatically. At the same time, it also has a good effect on the person in front. Therefore, the name should be kept after careful consideration. If the right name is not kept then that person has to face many problems in his life. The listener also feels strange. At the same time, it also has a lot of impact on life.


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When a child is born in the house, the pundits are asked which zodiac letter will be the name of the child. Because the name game is associated with luck and planetary constellations. The zodiac sign is decided by the time in which the child was born. Then the letters of the child's name are told according to the zodiac. The child's name is placed on one of those letters. This name is related with the fate of the child. His name decides how his future will be. If you give a good name to your child, then he gets happiness and success in life. Similarly, if the child is given a meaningless name, then the child's life also goes in vain in fighting the difficulties. You should also keep some things in mind while naming your children.

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When it comes to naming the name, then the name by which your child should be called, keep it according to the strongest planet in the child's horoscope. For example, if Saturn is the most powerful planet in your horoscope, then name it with S or G. This gives special results in life. Similarly, if your Saturn is bad and the zodiac is Aquarius, even after that you keep the name with S, then you have to face difficulties in life. That is why it is said that the child should be named according to the strongest planet in the horoscope.
Often people keep making small changes in the name or in the letters of the name according to the zodiac. Which leads to success in life. But there is talk of making changes at the right time. If you change the spelling of your name, then the best age for it is up to 12 years of age. When the child is 12 years old, do whatever changes you want to make in the spelling of his name, because doing so after the age of 12 does not give any special results. If you want, you can bring this change in your name till the age of 30 years. But remember that changing the spelling after the age of 30 will not give any special benefit. If you are thinking of changing the name after this age, then change the name completely. This will give you good results.

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Name your children something that has a meaning. In today's time, people are giving such names to their children which do not make any sense. For example, children are named after mixing the letters of the beginning or the end of the name of the parents. By keeping such meaningless names, the life of children also becomes meaningless. Even small names do not help much in life. Keep names that are big and have good meaning. Having such names makes life beautiful.
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