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Nandi Gayatri Mantra: Know about the Divinity of the Mantra, Right ways to Chant and it’s significance

My Jyotish Expert Updated 11 May 2022 03:51 PM IST
Nandi Gayatri Mantra: Know about the Divinity of the Mantra, Right ways to Chant and it’s significance
Nandi Gayatri Mantra: Know about the Divinity of the Mantra, Right ways to Chant and it’s significance - Photo : Google
In Hinduism, Nandi is worshiped as a Nandishvara avatar of Lord Shiva. In the Puranas, Nandi is described as the ride of Lord Bholenath. Nandi Gayatri Mantra is considered very special for the worshipers of Lord Shiva. According to the beliefs, it is essential to get the blessings of Nandi Dev Ji to please Lord Shiva completely. Nandi Ji is the master of knowledge and intelligence.

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Know how this mantra is recited?
On the day of recitation of this miraculous mantra, devotees wake up before sunrise in the morning and meditate on Lord Nandi. After this purification of the mind is done with chanting of mantras in the body and mind with a holy bath. After this, this lesson is started by the people.
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It is considered best to recite the mantra 108 times. At the same time, some people recite Nandi Gayatri Mantra 9 or 11 times. Worshipers of Lord Shiva also repeat this text 1008 times. This lesson is considered very difficult.

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Benefits of Nandi Gayatri Mantra
According to mythology, Nandi Ji has got all the powers of Lord Shiva. Therefore, Nandi Ji must be pleased with the blessings of Lord Shiva. By chanting this mantra regularly, a person becomes superior in knowledge and intellect. The chanting of the Nandi Gayatri Mantra is considered the best for people with restless minds.
This mantra is also chanted and recited with the wish of a happy life. This text also gives freedom from physical suffering. According to the beliefs, by expressing your wish in the ear of the idol of Nandi Ji, the wish gets fulfilled.
On Baglamukhi Jayanti, get rid of the problem of money and victory over enemies, chant 36000 mantras collectively.
Know why this mantra is so useful
There is a legend behind this question. During the churning of the ocean, Lord Shiva carried the poison in his throat to protect the universe. At this time a drop of poison had fallen on the earth. At that time, Nandi ji had removed the drop of that poison from his tongue to protect the universe. From that time Lord Nandi was worshiped as the ultimate devotee of Lord Shiva. Therefore chanting Nandi Gayatri Mantra is considered very fruitful.
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