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New corona variant Omicron knocks in the country, know what astrology says

My Jyotish Expert Updated 16 Dec 2021 12:15 PM IST
New Covid Variant
New Covid Variant - Photo : Google
Since December, 2019 till now, there has been no relief due to Corona. The corona epidemic was not yet completely eradicated that now the corona was found in another form under the name of Omicron virus in November in Gauteng's lab in South Africa. The World Health Organization has warned everyone that this latest variant of SARS-CoV-2 can easily infect people who have been previously infected with Kovid or even fully vaccinated.

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It is heard that Amicron was already present in the capital of England, London. But evidence shows that on the 24th of November, 2021, the South African government confirmed Omicron to the world. With the knocking of this new variant Omicron, the global superpower America's crisis in fighting Kovid has increased. In the US state of Michigan, 235 patients have been confirmed dead with 11783 new cases of corona infection in a single day. Ventilators in hospitals due to rising corona cases here is also an extreme shortage. Indiana has also seen an increase in cases by 49 percent. It is to be known that so far 43 cases of Omicron have been confirmed in the US.
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According to several reports, the first case of Omicron occurred in the Netherlands on 19 November. But, the confirmation took place on 24 November in South Africa. Based on the information received, according to Omicron's horoscope, Omicron's moon sign is Cancer. Moon in own house is present at 50′ 11″ longitude in Cancer sign at two degrees. The patient of Omicron always feels tired and the body asks for rest even when not working hard like other corona variants.
If the time of confirmation is considered as the time of birth, then in Omicron's birth chart, the Sun at 08 degree at 09′ 53 longitude, Ketu at 07 degree at 21′ 18″ longitude and Mercury at 05 degree at 27′ 41 longitude together in Scorpio. Huh. The infected patient has a problem of scratching rather than a sore throat. Due to which, along with increasing pain in the throat, it also feels like a wound. But, the chances of getting injured are less. Because, the factor of health is Sun in Omicron's Scorpio sign.
According to Omicron's horoscope, the three planets Ketu and Mercury along with the Sun were in the constellation Anuradha of the planet Saturn. Saturn and Pluto are currently together, indicating responsibility for the pandemic. Omicron can cause fever and muscle aches as well as night sweats, even if the person is sleeping in a cool place. Omicron will remain in danger due to the entry of the lord planet Mars in Scorpio from the 5th of December. Lower temperature for several days than high fever in Omicron variant patient's fever remains mild. In Omicron the body temperature rises for several days. Along with increasing pain in the throat, there is a lot of difficulty in eating and drinking due to dry cough.
Britain's National Health Mission has approved a booster dose from today to 3.5 million out of 7.5 million individuals in the age range of 30 to 39 years to protect against Omicron. However, on the coming 16th, even after the change of the Sun's zodiac sign, Mars and Ketu will remain together in Scorpio in the horoscope made according to the confirmation time of Omicron. Due to this combination, Angarak Dosha with negative effect will be formed. Due to which the effect of this decision of Britain will be slow for the time being.

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