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New year 2022: These zodiac signs will get their favourite partner this year

MyJyotish Expert Updated 22 Jan 2022 03:09 PM IST
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Everyone has new hopes from the new year. If someone hopes for a new job, then someone hopes to get married in the new year. It is the desire of every human being to get his favorite life partner. To get a good life partner, unmarried girls keep all kinds of fasts from Shivratri to Monday.

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Every person decorates some dreams about his marriage. Some like to get married with pomp and some want to do simple court marriage. People also have different desires regarding their life partner. It is not necessary for everyone to get a good life partner. Some people find a life partner with whom they cannot get along at all. In the end, divorce is the only way left for them.

It is not very easy to find the life partner of your choice, but still some zodiac signs are very lucky in this matter, due to which they get the life partner they want. Today we will tell you about some such zodiac signs, who are expected to get their favorite life partner in 2022. There are strong chances of marriage in 2022 for these zodiac signs. Let us tell that for the marriage to happen at the right time, Jupiter and Venus should be in a strong position in your horoscope. When the planet Jupiter and the planet Venus transit in the seventh house, then the marriage of a person is formed. Let us know which are the zodiac signs in 2022 who can get married this year and can get the life partner they want.

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 1) Cancer: - The people of Cancer zodiac are going to be very lucky in terms of money and life partner this year. This year, the planet Venus and Saturn will transit in the house of marriage in your horoscope, due to which the yoga of your marriage will be formed. Along with this, when the planet Venus will enter your zodiac on August 7, 2022, then your marriage will be possible. This year you may get married in September or October. If you want to marry someone in love, then this year will be lucky for him too.
 2) Leo:- Strong chances of your marriage are being made this year. In the beginning of 2022, a special person can come in your life. The planet Venus will transit in your sign on August 31, 2022. You can tie the knot on any date from April to September.
 3) Virgo:- After four months from the beginning of 2022, you can get the life partner of your choice. Venus will transit in your zodiac on September 24. During this you can get married anytime. One of your relatives can play a very important role in your marriage.
 4) Scorpio:- This year will be very lucky for you from financial and career point of view. You may find it difficult to find a life partner in the beginning. Then after July your troubles will start decreasing. In November, when the planet Venus will enter your zodiac, then during that time you can get a good life partner. You can get married through an advertisement.
 5) Pisces:- This year is going to be very important for you because the planet Jupiter is going to transit in your zodiac on 13th April 2022. This year your marriage is going very well. Those who were looking for life partner for a long time can get life partner this year. You can get married through advertisement or a relative. Let us tell you that the planet Jupiter plays a very important role in the formation of marriage. Only when Jupiter is in a strong position, the chances of marriage are formed.
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