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Home ›   Astrology Blogs ›   New year Astrology tips 2023: Do these measures to get success, if this planet is weak

New year Astrology tips 2023: Do these measures to get success, if this planet is weak

Sweksha Sweksha Updated 30 Dec 2022 07:13 PM IST
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Jyotish Tips: If this planet is weak then you have to face problems in business, these measures will remove the problems

Everyone wants success and money gain in business. In this case, if the planet related to business is strong in the horoscope, then it will be easy for us to get success in it. But if the planet is weak somewhere, there will be many problems. When it comes to astrology, only Sun, Saturn, Mars, Rahu and Ketu are given importance. But apart from these, other planets also have a deep impact on life.

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The planets are the factors of various objects and qualities of the universe. That's why they affect different things in our life. Favorability or unfavourability of any planet also affects the factor associated with it. If Sun is the symbol of soul and kingship, then Moon is the factor of mind. Mercury controls our speech and intelligence. Guru represents the soul, mental power and knowledge of a person. Venus is the symbol of enjoyment, opulence and lust and pleasure. Shani has been considered the god of justice. In the end, Rahu and Ketu are saved, who multiply the qualities and demerits of the planet they meet. Now in this, Mercury is considered a special planet for business.

Mercury is the representative of Lord Vishnu-
Mercury is considered the most important planet in business. This is also very important.
If Mercury is favorable in a person's horoscope,then the person's speech gets spoiled, or he cannot even speak. He can never do business in life and he always has to do a job. If seen from a religious point of view, Mercury is considered to be the bestower of wealth and prosperity. It is the representative planet of Lord Vishnu.


When mercury is favorable-
If Mercury is favorable in a person's horoscope, then he is very beautiful. then he is very beautiful. People affected by the planet Mercury are usually writers, anchors, lawyers, journalists, public relations officers or businessmen. If Mercury is unfavorable then there is trouble.
If Mercury is unfavorable or giving inauspicious effects in the horoscope, then it is not considered right.

What are the remedies of Mercury-
Tulsi leaves should be taken with Gangajal before meals, it is believed that Mercury remains favourable. To make the planet Mercury favourable, fast should be observed on Wednesday. Food made of moong without salt should be taken as food on the day of fasting. By worshiping Lord Vishnu, all other planets including Mercury become favourable. Along with this, Vishnu Sahastranam source should be chanted every Wednesday.
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