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Your Love and Marriage Predictions by Numbers

my jyotish expert Updated 27 Jun 2021 08:58 PM IST
Your Love and Marriage Predictions by Numbers
Your Love and Marriage Predictions by Numbers - Photo : GOOGLE
People have started using numerology very effectively in the recent past time to determine in everything about the important aspects of their life such as marriage.  Numerology is a branch of astrology that predicts life possibilities based on the numerology numbers derived from your name and birth date. For love and relationship predictions based on date of birth, numerology comes up as the most reliable predictive method. Whether you have made up your mind to do love marriage or arranged marriage, understanding your partner and their personality is very important. It can help you to enhance marital compatibility and improve your relationship. 

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To know your marriage predictions by date of birth, first, find out your numerology number or destiny number according to your date of birth and read on to know what your partner thinks when it comes to love and marriage. Date of birth: (1, 10, 19, 28) of any month comes under the destiny number 1. (2, 11, 20, 29) is under 2. (3, 12, 12, 21, 30) is under 3. (4, 13, 22, 31) is under 4. (5, 14, 23) is under 5. (6, 15, 24) is under 6. (7, 16, 25) is under 7. (8, 17, 26) is under 8. (9, 18, 27) is under 9. Read below what your numerology number tells about you and your prospective partner.

Marriage Predictions for Number 1
These people are born leaders. They lead matters and make decisions in relationships. These people tend to dominate their partners and don’t do anything until they are willing to do so. As per numerology rules, these people don’t compromise and have unique characteristics. They have a refined choice for everything. They don’t settle for less and that makes them choose a partner who is unique and extraordinary. Usually, they marry their childhood sweethearts and stay loyal to them no matter what. If their Birth Chart matches with a person, they can enjoy a long-lasting marital bliss.

Marriage Predictions for Number 2
People born on the birth date with numerology number 2 are very sensual, moody, and emotional. These people are very sensitive and have extreme mood swings. They get hurt easily and always try that they won’t hurt their partner. Number 2 people think from their heart and use their head often less while making any important decisions. They are very creative and imaginative. They are very passionate in love and romance. For them, love is everything and it is important to have emotional compatibility with the partner rather than having a physical relationship. However, a lot depends upon their Birth Chart and zodiac signs that shape their post-marriage life. 

Marriage Predictions for Number 3
Number 3 people are practical and realistic. They think of their heads and are not very emotional. These self-obsessed people have their own rules and they want their partner to follow them. They are not very romantic partners and thus spend less time with their partners. They are very dominant in relationships and this can be also seen in their sexual life. However, these fearless personalities are very loyal in marriage and never fear of doing anything for their partner. For these people, career is the first priority, and relationship and their partner always comes second. However, their marital life can be blissful if they marry to a compatible partner who matches their horoscope.

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Marriage Predictions for Number 4
Unconventional thinking and unique personality are what Number 4 people are born with. As per their astrological traits, these people are not romantic but have an inclination towards romantic pleasures. They find it hard to stick to one partner and sometimes seek love outside marriage. However, exceptions are everywhere and several Number 4 people show exceptional loyalty and commitment in their marriage. Moreover, these people should check their astrological compatibility before marriage as they may tend to divorce or separate from their partners due to anger issues. 

Marriage Predictions for Number 5
Number 5 people love experimenting. They are very versatile in nature and try new ways to surprise and love their partner in relationships. They are very quick in decision making. However, they are very fickle-minded and impulsive. They find it hard to stay with someone as they get bored easily and often look for new excitement in their love life. They look for someone special who can bring stability to their life and also could surprise them at times. When it comes to commitments and marriage, they take time as they never want to settle for someone who deserves them less. 

Marriage Predictions for Number 6
People with numerology number 6 possess a dynamic personality. They are beautiful, charming, and very attractive. They are driven by emotions and prefer emotional compatibility than physical compatibility in marriage. Such people are very romantic and have an amazing capability to attract anyone with their charm and wit. They are good at romance and very passionate about lovemaking. People born under Number 6 can be very manipulative sometimes. They may use you for getting their work done and have a tendency to go out of their way to satisfy their desires, especially romantic and emotional. To match compatibility and see how blissful your marital life will be with Number 6 people, you should analyse your Birth Charts. 

Marriage Predictions for Number 7
People born under Number 7 are very ambitious and thoughtful. They are ruled by Planet Ketu and possess a reserved but powerful personality. These people are very dreamy in nature. They talk less and spend most of their time thinking about what they want in their life. They have a great ability to get what they want. These people are very loyal to their partners and have an understanding of nature. Number 7 people overthink and overanalyse things which often turn small arguments into big conflicts. Marital relationships with such partners often experience misunderstandings and miscommunications. Such people should work on developing communications with their partners for establishing a healthy and happy relationship. 

Marriage Predictions for Number 8
Loyalty is one of the most prominent traits of Number 8 people. These are the most reliable and compatible partners among all the numerology numbers. However, these people are often misunderstood by their spouses. These people are very emotional and take a lot of time to fall in love. However, once fallen in love, they love their partners passionately and can do anything for them. Such people prefer following their heart in matters of love and marriage. According to numerology rules, Number 8 people get easily attracted to Number 4 and 8 people but often experience various difficulties if they get married to them. Also, females born under Numerology Number 8 experience marital issues. Thus, it is advisable to match Kundli and check their marriage compatibility with their partner. 

Marriage Predictions for Number 9
Ruled by Mars, Number 9 people are very aggressive and energetic. They are very demanding in love and give a lot of importance to physical compatibility. They desire love and romance strongly in their marriage. These people are very emotional when it comes to love. They are closely attached to their partners and their family. They are very short tempered which often creates rifts in marriage. Males with the Numerology number 9 may seek relationships outside the marriage for fulfilling their physical desires. To live a blissful and peaceful marriage life with Number 8 people, it is advisable to check their love compatibility before marriage using Horoscope matching.
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