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Omkareshwar Temple : know the Significance History , Pujas and Sevas, and Connectivity –of the temple

MyJyotish Expert Updated 04 Mar 2022 09:26 AM IST
Omkareshwar temple
Omkareshwar temple - Photo : google
Omkareshwar Temple
Location- Mandhata, Khandwa, Madhya Pradesh.
Deity- Omkareshwar ( Lord Shiva)
Timing for Darshan- 5.00 AM to 9.30 PM
Timings for Aarti-
Mangal Aarti- 5.00 AM to 5.30 AM
Evening Aarti- 8.20 PM to 9.05 PM
Omkareshwar Temple is situated on an island Mandhata or Shivapuri in the Narmada river at Khandwa district in Madhya Pradesh. It is believed that the island is in the shape Devanagari ॐ symbol. Omkaar is made of two words, Om (sound) and Akaar (srishti). There are two primary temples, one is Omkareshwar on an island and another Mamleshwar is near the banks on the Narmada river on the mainland. It houses the fourth jyotirlinga.

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According to a legend, Vindya who controlled Vindyachal mountain range, was worshipping Lord Shiva to propitiate himself from the sins he had committed. He made a  sacred geometrical diagram and a lingam of sand and clay. Pleased with the worship, shiva appeared in two forms as Omkareshwar and Amaleswara. The mud mound appeared in the shape of Om, therefore, the island is came to be known as Omkareswar.
Another legend relates to Mandhata and his son's penance. King Mandhata of Ikshvaku clan worshipped Lord Shiva and He manifested himself as a jyotirlinga. Some scholars also tells the story of Mandhata's sons-Ambarish and Muchukunda, who had practiced severe penance and pleased Lord Shiva, therefore, the mountain is named Mandhata.  

A third legend says in the great war between Devas (gods) and Danavas (demons), in which Danavas won. After losing, Devas prayed to Lord Shiva  and He emerged in the form of Omkareshwar Jyotirlinga and defeated Danavas.

Omkareshwar is believd to be the place where Adi Sankara met his guru Govinda Bhagavatpada in a cave. The cave can still be found below the shiva temple where an image of Adi Sankara is housed.

The temple has a grand Sabha Mandap which stands on 60 elaborately carved huge brown pillars. The temple is five storeyed and is home to many different god and goddess. There are three routine pujas in the temple, the morning one carried by the priest of mandir trust, the middle one by the Scindia state priest and the evening one by the Holkar state priest. Pilgrims come to pray after a bath in the Narmada river and also bring the Narmada river water with them for Abhishek.

The original date of construction is unknown, however, the earliest evidences suggest that the four stone inscriptions each with Sanskrit Stotras were installed by King Udayaditya in 1063 C.E. In 1195, Raja Bharat Singh Chauhan renovated the temple.

Omkareshwar temple poojas and sevas-
One of the major poojas is Maha Rudrabhishek is takes place by reciting Rigveda, Samveda, Yajurveda and the Atharva Veda. Laghu Rudrabhishekham this pooja helps one can overcome health as well as wealth related issues. Narmada Aarti takes place every evening which is a maha aatri near the banks of Narmada River. In  Bhagavan Bhog devotees present lord Shiva with a Naivedyam Bhog in the evening each day. The Bhog(food) is madeof pure Ghee, Sugar, and Rice. at a nominal price, devotees can have mundan.

Connectivity –
By air, the nearest airport is Indore which is 77 km away from the temple. By train, the nearest station is Mortakka which is 12 km away from Omkareshwar. The nearest Railway Junction is Khandwa which is 72 km away from the temple. By road, the state government and private buses that connects Omkareshwar to major cities like Khnadwa (73 km), Indore (86 Km), Dewas (114 Km), Ujjain (133 Km), Jalgaon (222 Km), Bhopal (268 Km), Vadodara (376 km), Nagpur (446 Km), and Mumbai (576 km).

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