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Planet Conjunction 2022: Know how the Eclipse Yoga of Mercury, Sun & Rahu are special for your zodiac

My Jyotish Expert Updated 23 Apr 2022 01:12 PM IST
Planet Conjunction 2022: Know how the Eclipse Yoga of Mercury, Sun & Rahu are special for your zodiac
Planet Conjunction 2022: Know how the Eclipse Yoga of Mercury, Sun & Rahu are special for your zodiac - Photo : Google
 The conjunction of Sun, Mercury, and Rahu in Vedic astrology is a strong sign of someone who is a computer guru, programmer, or computer engineer.  Mercury is the language, calculation, and organization, while Rahu represents the computer age.  In astrology, Sun has been called self, manifestation, ego, personality, father, and life force.  In astrology, Mercury is associated with intelligence, communication, speech, reasoning, education, analytical skills, calculation, education, business, business, and language skills.  In astrology, Rahu is associated with illusion, breaker of taboos, unconventional, deceitful, magicians, foreign products and places, thieves, politicians, mass communication, and computer-related products.  There is only energy in planetary conjunction, and when different types of energies come together, they form a new type of energy.  The new type of energy brings in a situation in your life that fulfills the destiny of that coincidence.  Let's find out how it can affect us.

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 Effect of Sun-Mercury Rahu Yoga on Astrology
 The light of the Sun and the amplification of intelligence by Rahu give an expression to the person to show himself at a higher level.  Just as Rahu hates the Sun and the Sun hates Rahu, Mercury gets the best friendship of the two.  For this reason, people with egos remain confident and can be very adept at intelligence, knowledge, and communication ability to truly believe in themselves.  Due to its effect, immeasurable knowledge remains contained within the person.  Wants to communicate and is in favor of the change.  The desire to be respected for your intelligence will also be very high.

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 Yoga breaks traditions, taboos
 The effect of these three combined constitutes a symbol of tremendous changes.  By breaking the taboos, going to a foreign land, and bringing change to the foreign land, one can have a lot of ability to achieve success in education.  If the Sun is weak then it has to be a little serious, in such a situation, Rahu has eclipsed both the planets, then it can indicate a situation when the knowledge present within the person is not visible, in some situations  The person may become mute or have trouble speaking, which hurts the ego and can lead to low self-esteem.  But according to another fact, gradually according to the situation, these things also develop within the person, and then even if that one quality is silent, they can have the potential to change the world.

 If these three planets are situated in inauspicious signs in Libra, Scorpio, or Pisces, then the education of this person can be stalled for a long time.  One can speak in a vulgar manner and do anything to protect his ego and his image.  Mercury also shows the skill of the hands, while Rahu is an illusion, and the Sun is ego and status.  The native can be a magician whose confidence and reputation can grow with each performance.  Even special effects and film editors are seen with this combination as movies, editing and effects manifest themselves through the illusion created with computers.
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