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Home ›   Astrology Blogs ›   Planet transit2022:- know-how sun transition to Gemini can be special

Planet transit2022:- know-how sun transition to Gemini can be special

my jyotish expert Updated 24 May 2022 01:04 PM IST
Planet transit2022:
Planet transit2022: - Photo : google
Where in Nirayan the Sun entered Gemini around 15th May, now according to the Sion system, the Sun will enter Gemini on 21st May. In astrology, Nirayan and Sayan systems are very important, due to the difference in the calculations between the two, there is also a difference in the transit of the Sun. Sion Surya calculation has been important in the western system. According to the Sun sign, the Sun will leave Taurus and enter Gemini, due to which many changes are likely to take place in almost all aspects of the life of each zodiac. Due to this transit, most people are advised to be cautious from a health point of view, because you may have to face some health problems due to this transit of Lord Sun.

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For the people of Aries, Sun is considered to be the lord of the fifth house and now it will be present in the third house from your zodiac during the transit of the Sun in Gemini. As a result of this, some differences are possible in the family with your father, there will be an increase in hard work, chances of travel will be made.

This time will also show some increase in the cooperation received from brothers and sisters. You will have to make more efforts toward improving your relationship. You need to be more careful about the health of your siblings. Maintain sweetness in conversation, otherwise, a dispute may emerge.

Your inclination towards religious works can increase due to the transit of the Sun on the ascendant of Gemini. Talking about personal life, at this time you can make new relationships with a stranger. This time will also be good for love-related matters. You will need to be more alert than ever at the workplace.

Cancer zodiac sign
For the people of the Cancer zodiac, there may be some religious work related to something in your family during this transit. There may be some disputes in mutual relations. Expenses may remain. There may be differences between the members of the family regarding any family property.

Leo sun sign
From a financial point of view for Leo, the possibility of an increase in your income may emerge during this period. In such a situation, if you make any investment in any property or land at this time, then you can get good profits. This time can be mixed for relationships.

There will be time for a change in the field of work for Virgo. Expansion can be seen in work. Special care will be required from the point of view of health. Especially at this time, avoid eating outside food as much as possible and eat only home-cooked food.

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There is a possibility of getting some kind of cooperation and good benefits from the government and higher officials for Libra. A spouse may have some health problems. Hence it is advised that they take proper care of their partner. You can undertake some journeys which may be more due to religious works.


This time can have a mixed effect on Scorpio zodiac signs. Talking about love relationships, those people who are in love or married, some problems or disputes in life can trouble them, so try to avoid all kinds of quarrels by keeping yourself as calm as possible. Because at this time unknowingly you will be seen getting angry over small things, which can spoil your relationship with your loved ones.

The time of increase in income will be seen for the people of Sagittarius, there may be an opportunity to work in a partnership. There may be some mixed effects in the relationship of life partner. The hard work will continue and at the same time, you will find an increase in your self-confidence.

Transit for Capricorn can show many changes. At work, busyness with some work can give you trouble. You may have to go on a trip in connection with some work. During this, some people may also have a dispute with their siblings about something. Because of this changes can also be seen in your relationship with them.


There will be more chances of earning profit for Aquarius at this time. Apart from this, this transit of Sun God can also increase your inclination towards works of interest. Will be seen actively participating in religious activities. Time can also be favorable for students.

During this transit for Pisces, the effect of the Sun is going to be the most for the family in many ways, on the married life of married people, spouses, and people doing business in partnership. Any property-related work can also be completed during this time.
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