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Home ›   Astrology Blogs ›   How to assure a YES from your loved ones on propose day 2022| know about the luckiest time slot to confess your love

How to assure a YES from your loved ones on propose day 2022| know about the luckiest time slot to confess your love

My Jyotish Expert Updated 08 Feb 2022 01:18 PM IST
Propose day 2022
Propose day 2022 - Photo : google

How to assure a YES from your loved ones on propose day 2022| know about the luckiest time slot to confess your love

 Propose Day which is one of the most special day for lovers, about which many thoughts must be arising in the mind that how to propose the one, whom they like and on. So in such a situation, we have brought you the luckiest time for when you propose your partner and they will be yours forever. If one finds the best time to do something special at a promising time hours, then nothing can be better than this. To do some such work that fills many colors in life and to get success in it, it is necessary to choose the right time. The emphasis on time slot provides lot of strength in the possibility of completion of the work, Also by Knowing these principles and importance of good time period in astrology, can help to achieve great success in your work.

Now let’s know about time will be the best on Propose Day today, on which you will get the support and trust of your lover.

8 February 2022 , Auspicious day of Tuesday in which Moon being situated in Aries, owned by Mars, becomes an increasing factor for enthusiasm and passion. Efforts at this time are encouraging but at the same time the chances of the efforts being successful are still wide open. Mars is said to be the factor of moving forward for enthusiasm, passion and innovation. In such a situation, when the Moon, the causative planet of the mind, transits in the sign of Mars in Aries, then this condition gives the momentum to one's feelings and at the same time provides enthusiasm to do their work successfully.


 It is the Ashtami date of Shukla Paksha of Magh month, it shows the effect of love and attraction. The Bharani Nakshatra of Venus is known for beauty enhancement and the best yoga for attaining the culmination of love. Today Shukla Yoga is being formed which finds a place in the category of an auspicious yoga.

Abhijeet Muhurta time is a very auspicious time, which is considered very favorable for the accomplishment of tasks, so from 12:13:30 to 12:57:31 this auspicious time can be very positive. During this time, if you want to propose your lover, then this time will be best for you because the desired results can be easily found at this time. After this, from 07:00 pm to 12 pm, you can choose to speak your heart and at this time also you can get the full support of your lover, then get up and start a good day. Together, fulfill your heart's desire. Make your loved ones always feel like yours

If you’re heartbroken or dislike your lover’s reaction,let it slide

They are your own, don't complain and persecute them




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