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 Know How is Pushya Nakshtatra Auspicious & related Remedies to please Ma Lakshmi

My Jyotish Expert Updated 05 Apr 2022 12:00 PM IST
pushya nakshatra
pushya nakshatra - Photo : google

 Know How is Pushya Nakshtatra Auspicious & related Remedies to please Ma Lakshmi

Pushpa Nakshatra is said to be the king of all constellations. It comes in the eighth order among the 27 constellations. The deity of the flower constellation is Jupiter and the lord is Saturn. There are many subtle stars at the tip of the flower constellation, which are very close to the circle of revolution. There are mainly three stars of Pushpa Nakshatra, which appear in the sky in the shape of an arrow. The tip of its arrow is visible as a cluster of many fine star clusters. Its mathematical expansion in the sky is from 3 zodiac, 3 degree 20 kala to 3 zodiac 40 kala.

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Glory of Pushya Nakshatra: Auspicious yoga of Pushpa Nakshatra is formed in every month. Flower constellation is permanent, so any item purchased in this constellation remains useful for a long time and gives auspicious results. There is an effect of Jupiter, Saturn and Moon on the flower constellation, so buying gold, silver, iron, bookkeeping, apparel, useful things and making big investments are considered very auspicious in this constellation. The deity of this constellation is Jupiter, the reason for which is gold. The lord is Shani, know that the influence of iron and moon remains, so buy silver. Gold, iron or vehicles etc and silver articles can be bought.
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Kartik Pushya Nakshatra has special significance in all the Pushya Nakshatras of the year, because it is related to Lord Lakshmi Narayan, the presiding deity of Kartik month. Therefore, the flower constellation that comes before Diwali is considered to be the most special and extremely beneficial. Indian culture recommends a daily process by connecting with nature completely. In Rigveda, the flower has been called the grower, the benefactor, the joy-maker. 

Whatever day or Vaar coincides with the constellation of flowers, it is called from that Vaar. If this Nakshatra comes on Sunday, Wednesday or Thursday then it is considered very auspicious. In this, the guru flower Shani flower, and Ravi flower experiment are considered most auspicious for the students. According to the lunar year, on the first day of the month, the Moon conjuncts with the Pushp Nakshatra. Hence this union is said to be very auspicious. People born in the flower constellation are very special, full of virtues and fortunate.

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Simple remedies for flower constellation: 

 On this day at sunrise and sunset, by lighting a lamp of ghee in front of Goddess Lakshmi, the blessings of Lakshmi ji are showered. 

Worshiping by observing fast or fasting on the day of Pushya Nakshatra leads to success in every sphere of life. 

On the day of Pushpa Nakshatra, new book accounts or stationery should be purchased in auspicious time and installed at their business place.

 On this day it is very beneficial to bring home valuables like gold, silver, gems or jewelery etc. 

 On the day of Pushya Nakshatra, it is customary to buy 'gold', which is known as pure, holy and good metal, because its purchase is considered very auspicious, if you cannot take gold, then brass or silver must be bought. 

 Especially for the flower constellation coming in the month of Kartik, worshiping your deity and family deity gives them good luck.

 In the flower constellation period, lentils, rice khichdi, gram flour, curry, boondi laddus etc. should be consumed and it is also appropriate to meditate on it according to one's ability. 

 It is considered auspicious to start chanting any new mantra on this day. 

 In this it is auspicious to start new tasks in the constellation like starting education, purification of divine medicines and starting a new business.
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