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Home ›   Astrology Blogs ›   Sawan 2022: Do these remedies on Thursday and rid off from all your problems

Sawan 2022: Do these remedies on Thursday and rid off from all your problems

My jyotish expert Updated 28 Jul 2022 05:08 PM IST
Lord vishnu
Lord vishnu - Photo : Google
Do these remedies on Thursday of Sawan: Get rid of financial problems

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This Thursday of Sawan, some remedies by which you can solve the problems related to your health, money and relationships. This remedy also tells how to improve your current situation and also gives the power to suggest problems. July 21 is the Ashtami date of Shravan Krishna Paksha and it is a Thursday.

Panchak will end on Thursday
On Thursday, Ashtami Tithi will remain till 8.13 am on 21st July, after that Navami Tithi will start. Dhriti Yoga will remain till 12.20 pm. Moon will be in Aries. Today will be the fifth end.

With the end of Panchak, Dhriti Yoga is considered auspicious on this day. It is very auspicious to do some work of life at this time. Laying the foundation stone of a new house, getting amenities is visible in this yoga. If the foundation stone of the house is laid in this yoga, then the person stays in that house and gets all the happiness and leads a blissful life. With this, Ashwini Nakshatra will remain till 2.17 pm. Ashwini Nakshatra is considered to be the first of the 27 constellations in the sky.

Remedies for Thursday in Sawan Krishna Paksha
On this day for the attainment of various auspicious results, for the flow of many energies within you, for the fulfillment of any special wish related to your good health and for the attainment of long life, as well as for the growth in business, obey

Remedies to get out of financial crisis
If you have more household responsibilities, but due to financial problems you are not able to fulfill them properly, then on this day make prasad by frying flour, mixing sugar in it and also adding pieces of banana in it. Now offer that prasad to Lord Vishnu. After this, distribute the remaining prasad among the small children around. If there is any girl, aunt, nephew in the house, then definitely feed them prasad. By doing this your financial side will be strong and you will be able to fulfill the responsibilities of your household.

Remedies to get happiness in married life
To remove the troubles in married life, go to the Shiva temple on this day, wrap Mauli i.e. Kalava together seven times on Shiva and Mata Parvati and keep in mind that while wrapping the thread seven times, do not break it. between. When you have wrapped the whole seven times, only then break the thread by hand. One more thing that after breaking the thread, do not tie knots in it, wrap it like this and leave it. By doing this, the problems coming in your married life will soon go away and there will be sweetness in your relationship.

tips for success in business
To increase your business day-night-quadruple, take five different colored rangoli in the evening on this day, go to Shiva temple and make round rangoli in the shape of flowers with those colors. Now light a lamp of ghee in the middle of this rangoli and meditate while blessing Shiva with folded hands. By doing this your business will be good. If you want to establish your authority in a particular work, then take a clean banana leaf on this day. Now wash that leaf with water and make a swastika on it with vermilion and put some white sesame on that leaf and offer it to Shiva temple or Vishnu. By doing this you will be able to establish your authority in a particular work.
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