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Home ›   Astrology Blogs ›   Sawan 2022: Worship of Mahadev gives desired boon, know 10 big benefits of doing Shiva sadhna in Sawan.

Sawan 2022: Worship of Mahadev gives desired boon, know 10 big benefits of doing Shiva sadhna in Sawan.

my jyotish expert Updated 19 Jul 2022 05:06 PM IST
Sawan 2022: This remedy must be carried out on every Sawan Monday for a fruitful life
Sawan 2022: This remedy must be carried out on every Sawan Monday for a fruitful life - Photo : Google
The worship of Lord Shiva, who is considered to be the god of the welfare of the universe, is believed to remove all the troubles and bring happiness and wealth. But before worshipping Mahadev, the God of gods, in the month of Shravan, definitely know 10 big benefits of Shiva sadhana. In Hinduism, the month of Sawan is considered to be the best for the devotion and worship of Lord Shiva. It is believed that by doing Shiva Sadhana in the month of Sawan, all kinds of troubles and obstacles are removed from the person and he gets all the pleasures related to life. There is a belief about the worship of Lord Mahadev, the god of gods. That a person who does his spiritual practice with a true heart, he never has fear of anything in life and by the grace of Shiva, he progresses twice a day and quadruples the night. Let us know in detail about the 10 miraculous benefits of worshipping Lord Shiva.

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Many times in life there are obstacles in the life of some people and they do not go away even after all the efforts. If something like this happens to you too, then in this month of Shravan, do the sadhana of Lord Shiva with complete law and order. By doing this, all the obstacles coming in the way of your success will soon be removed by the grace of Shiva. If you feel that you or your loved ones or your house or belongings etc. have an evil eye every day, then to avoid it, you should worship Lord Shiva every day. It is believed that a seeker who worships Shiva is never seen.
The worship of Lord Shiva is considered to bring victory over enemies. In such a situation, if you are always in danger of enemies knowingly or unknowingly, then in the month of Shravan, you should worship Shiva by law every day. By worshipping Lord Shiva, children get happiness. If this wish of yours is still incomplete, then to get healthy, beautiful and virtuous children, do sadhana of Markandeya Mahadev in Shravan. To get a child, in the month of Sawan, mixing sandalwood in milk is the law of worship of Shiva. Whether a man or a woman worships Lord Shiva, one gets the desired life partner in life. If you have not yet found a true life partner, then to get him, worship him, especially in the Pradosh falling in the month of Sawan. Lord Shiva is also considered the god of health. His devotees especially worship Baba Vaidyanath to get the happiness of health. It is believed that the devotee who practices Shiva with a sincere heart never suffers any kind of disease and grief and leads a happy life.
It is said that one who dies prematurely, does the work of Chandal, what should Kaal do to the devotee of Mahakal. Lord Shiva who is also called Mrityunjay, the devotee who does his sadhana never has the fear of premature death. If you feel that the love and harmony of your family have been affected by someone's evil eye and there is always a quarrel over small things, then Shiva Sadhana is considered the best way to overcome it and get happiness and peace. Has gone. Lord Shiva is considered to be the ideal of household life, in such a situation, to get family happiness, definitely do a spiritual practice of Shiva. A devotee who does the spiritual practice of Lord Shiva, who is considered to be the god of welfare, never has any shortage of anything in life. By worshipping Shiva in the month of Shravan, financial problems are removed and by the grace of Shiva, the house remains full of wealth. If you feel that you have difficulty coping with all kinds of problems related to life, or say you are afraid to face them, then do Shiva Sadhana to increase your self-power and overcome them.

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