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Shani Amavasya 2023: Measures to get the benefit of an auspicious coincidence on Amavasya

Aishwarya KeshariAishwarya Keshari Updated 25 Jan 2023 05:47 PM IST
Astrology remedies for weak sun in horoscope
Astrology remedies for weak sun in horoscope - Photo : Google
Shani Amavasya 2023: An auspicious coincidence is being made on Amavasya this year

 these measures will give benefits.The coincidence of Amavasya is considered very rare, but due to it being a Saturday, its importance is going to increase manifold. According to astrology, in this special yoga, taking measures to reduce Shani's Sade Sati and Shani Dosha will be fruitful. Shani Amavasya has great importance in Hinduism. When Amavasya falls on a Saturday, it is called Shani Amavasya. Shani Amavasya is also known as Shanishchari Amavasya. On this day, some special measures can be taken to please Shani Dev by donating a bath. It is believed that by taking some measures related to astrology on the day of Shani Amavasya, one can get rid of Shani Dosh to a great extent.

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A special coincidence is being made for Shani Amavasya.According to astrologers, the occurrence of Shani Amavasya in the month of Magha is considered extremely rare. That's why worshipping Shani Dev in such a rare coincidence will yield special results. According to the scriptures, there is special importance to worshipping Shani Dev by bathing and donating on the day of Shani Amavasya. Along with this, offering to ancestors on this day also gives auspicious results. According to the Panchang, a very rare coincidence is taking place on Amavasya, which falls this year. auspicious time of Shani Amavasya and measures to remove Shani Dosh, Shani's Sade Sati, and Dhaiya from Kundli.

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Do special measures for Shani Amavasya.On the new moon day, to reduce the effect of Saturn's half-and-a-half-and-a-half years, the mantra Om Shanaishcharaya Namah should be chanted 108 times with a rosary of Rudraksh.
Offer mustard oil to Shani Dev on the day of Shani Amavasya. Along with this, light a lamp filled with mustard oil. Donations are very important on the day of Shani Amavasya. That's why things related to Shani Dev should be donated on this day, so flour, sugar, and black sesame seeds should be donated on Amavasya.

Offer water to the peepal tree on the day of Shani Amavasya. Along with this, light a mustard-oil lamp in the evening. This will also reduce the effects of Sade Sati and Dhaiya in the horoscope. Hanuman Ji is blessed by Lord Shani for fasting on Saturday. Lord Shankar is pleased with the application of vibhuti, sandalwood, or ashes on Saturday. On this day, by doing charity and tarpan work for the ancestors, the faults are pacified.
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