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Shani Dosh may be removed with these 9 Saturday Remedies

my jyotish expert Updated 03 Jul 2021 03:44 PM IST
Shani Dosh may be removed with these 9 Saturday Remedies
Shani Dosh may be removed with these 9 Saturday Remedies - Photo : GOOGLE
Doing Saturday remedies is very important for those people who are affected by Shani Dhaiyya, Sadesati or Shani Dosha. If the planet Saturn is in a debilitated position in someone's horoscope, then the person has many false relationships, wastes money in gambling, betting and alcohol etc., goes to jail due to legal proceedings, gets mental diseases, as well as that person's life, is constantly surrounded by accidents. In this story, know the remedies of Saturday to remove Shani Dosh.

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Shani Dev is Karma Dominant deity, worshipping him leads to a Disease - free life

Saturday Remedies 
  1. Mix flour, black sesame, sugar every Saturday. Prepare the mixture well and feed the ants.
  2. When the sun is setting on Saturday, then make a ring with a black horseshoe or a boat's nail and wear it in the middle finger.
  3. Chant the names of Shani Dev.
  4. Donate black cloth, iron utensils, black sesame, blanket, urad dal on Saturday. With this, Shani Dev gets pleased and blesses the native.
  5. Feed jaggery-gram to the monkeys. Also recite Hanuman Chalisa every Saturday.
  6. Offer blue coloured flowers to Shani Dev. Chant Om Shan Shanishcharaya Namah. Try chanting with Rudraksha beads garland.
  7. On Saturday, take oil in a bowl and see your face in it, afterwards donate that oil to a poor person. 
  8. On Saturday, offer water to a Peepal tree and under it, light a lamp there. Also, sit there and recite Om Shan Shanishcharaya Namah.
  9. On Saturday, take water in a copper vessel and offer it to Shivalinga, the form of Lord Shiva.
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