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Shani Mahadasha : 2022 know the parameter the define the negative effect of Mahadasha on your life

My jyotish expert Updated 13 May 2022 09:51 PM IST
Shani Mahadasha : 2022
Shani Mahadasha : 2022 - Photo : Google
Shani's Dhaiya, Sadesati, and Mahadasha are extremely hazardous. Shani is a planet capable of transforming a person from king to rank and then back to the king. You may tell how Saturn's Dasha and Mahadasha are impacting your life by several symptoms. Today we will discuss 10 such indications that might help you determine if Saturn's Dasha or Mahadasha is active in your life and what influence it has.

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1. If you've begun lying excessively or have been wrongfully accused, Shani's Mahadasha is active in your life and its negative effects are obvious.
2. The Saturn Mahadasha is indicated by sudden joint discomfort, degradation of skin or hair, yellowing of the palm, end of the forehead, or the emergence of blackness on the forehead. If you're experiencing any of these symptoms, know that Saturn's Mahadasha is hurting you. Read more
3. A precious object of a person is suddenly lost or stolen due to the bad influence of Shani's Mahadasha.
4. A person becomes hooked on narcotics and begins to consume meat as a result of the bad effects of Shani's Mahadasha.
5. The emergence of fractures in the walls or the shattering of any portion of the home signifies the negative influence of Saturn's Mahadasha.
6. If you're having problems at home, your relationships are degrading, or you're having disagreements with your partner, be aware that Saturn's Mahadasha is having an adverse influence on you.
7. The person affected by Saturn's Mahadasha begins to lose money, financial crises worsen, his employment disappears, and if he runs a business, it comes to a halt.
woman's affair, realize that the Saturn Mahadasha is having unfavorable effects on that individual.
9. A person's job begins to deteriorate as a result of the unfavorable influence of Saturn's Mahadasha. Despite his efforts, he does not receive the desired outcome. He is always confronted with difficulties. Shoe or slipper breaking also suggests a bad Shani Mahadasha influence.
10. A person loses respect in society as a result of the bad effects of Shani's Mahadasha, and he is forced to bear humiliation without speaking.
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