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Sheetla saptami 2022: know the Significance worship and fast method of the day

My jyotish expert Updated 19 Jul 2022 07:21 AM IST
Sheetla Mata
Sheetla Mata - Photo : Google
Know the method of worship and the fruits of fasting on Sheetala Saptami

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Important Timings on Sheetala Saptami

Saptami Tithi will start from 07:50 on 19th July 2022.

Sheetala Saptami fast is observed for the happiness and prosperity of children. Goddess Sheetla is considered to be the protector of the good health of the child. Sheetala Saptami will be celebrated on Tuesday. Mothers keep the worship of Mother Sheetla for the protection of the children in all respects. Sheetala Saptami Puja is especially popular from North India to Gujarat, Rajasthan and Dakshina India. Basoda Puja is dedicated to Goddess Sheetla and this festival is celebrated on Saptami Tithi. This month Sheetala Saptami will fast on the Saptami date of Shukla Paksha of Sawan.

Sheetala Saptami Puja Significance
The most important ritual, which is followed on the day of Sheetala Saptami, is that no fresh food is cooked in the family at this time. The food that is eaten on the day of Sheetala Saptami is cold and stale. Hence devotees prepare special food on the previous day which is known as Randhan Chhath. In Sanskrit, the name 'Sheetala' literally means 'the one who cools'. As an incarnation of Goddess Parvati, Goddess Sheetla controls diseases like smallpox, smallpox, measles etc. and worships the Goddess to ward off an outbreak of these diseases. Goddess Sheetla is seated on a donkey, holding a pot and a silver broom in both her hands. Women worship Goddess Sheetla, especially for the happiness and good fortune of the family and children.

Sheetala Saptami festival is an important Hindu festival dedicated to Mata Sheetala. This festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm all over India, especially in rural areas. In the southern states of India, Goddess Sheetala is worshipped as 'Goddess Poleramma' or 'Goddess Mariamman'. In Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh, a similar festival like Sheetala Saptami is celebrated, which is known as 'Pola Amavasya'.

Rituals during Sheetala Saptami:
Sheetla Devi is worshipped on the day of Sheetala Saptami. People wake up early in the morning and take bath with cold water. Later they offer prayers by visiting temples dedicated to Sheetla Mata. Various rituals are performed on this day for a peaceful and happy life. In some places on Sheetla Saptami, people do not cook food on this day and consume the food prepared on the previous day. Eating hot food is strictly prohibited on this day. Some devotees also keep a fast on this day to please Goddess Sheetla. Women mostly keep this fast for the good health of their children.

Saptami Tithi will end on 20th July 2022 at 07:37.

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