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Sound Bath Therapy: How to make your own and its benefits

MyJyotish Expert Updated 25 Mar 2022 06:03 PM IST
sound meditation
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Sound Bath Meditation: Make Your Own Sound Bath and Know Its Benefits
Meditation practices might look like some new era concept, but it is not. The execution of healing bodies via sound meditation is ages-old. Furthermore, it has its roots deep dug in different parts of the world. The cleansing spiritual music or sound ranges from place to place and culture to culture. It could be as easy as reciting Om, following a yoga session, or as complicated as long hours to attain focus on a thing. To tell you more about it, we have got you details about the sound bath meditation involving the benefits and how to make a sound bath of your own.

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What is sound bath meditation?
Generally, sound bath meditation is a spiritual experience where you could attend a brooding session in the presence of sound waves. The waves could be by chimes, tuning forks, chimes, bowls, human voices, etc. The voice you hear need not be melodious or catchy. It just needs to be soothing enough to catch your attraction and make you relax to the core.
It generally ranges between 20-60 minutes. And, the main motive behind this whole sound bath therapy is to balance and change your energies into positive vibrations. You need to release all the doubts, negativities and concentrate on the repeated beat the object is making.
Sometimes, during this therapizing, you might have to lie on your backs or sometimes in the Savasana pose of yoga. Not just this, there are even times when you can do the sound bath meditation using mantras and chants accompanied by rolling Oms.
Create your sound bath
Sound baths exist in the mortar and brick areas of the world. Also, many meditations or yoga centers shall help you with such sound bath meditation sessions. On the other hand, you can create your sound bath for meditating by using some singing bowls.
Follow these steps to have your sound bath at home for a relaxing sound bath meditation:

  • Start by removing all the negative vibes from your place. Then hold a singing bowl in one hand, and strike the same with the other hand. Use a mallet to do so and move with it in your entire house.

  • After you have purified your house, sit and relax in a comfortable arrangement.

  • Precede the ritual by playing your singing bowl. Then connect deeply with the resonating sound of the singing bowl.

  • Breathe calmly and focus on nothing but your intentions. Relax and destress yourself from every doubt, confusion, and distraction. Furthermore, allow your mind and soul to be in deep peace and harmony.

  • Moving ahead, try engaging with the sound of the bowls and believe that all the positive energies are empowering you.

  • As this sound bath meditation is about to reach its end, express your gratitude to the energies that have helped you in experiencing this vitalization. Also, be thankful to the singing bowls for aiding you in this pleasant sound bath meditation.

Apart from this, you can go for digital sounds for the meditation sessions. You can find some at our Astromall and choose the healing soundtrack of your own.
Every meditation technique comes with numerous benefits. Sound bath therapy has many merits when done daily. Let us look at some of them:

  • The vibrations the sound creates directly release stress and anxiety. It helps your brain to perform better and helps you enter an intense meditating state. Furthermore, it builds up an ambiance of mental healing and cleansing following blissfulness and a pleasant mindset.

  • Sound bath meditation brings psychological as well as physiological benefits. Therefore, when you get into a sensible introspective condition, your heart rate and blood pressure are reduced. Moreover, it helps your nervous system to function with mindfulness. It also helps you in clearing your mind. In other words, meditation detoxifies your mind and soul from all negativities. Sound bath therapy thus is an ideal way to compel your focus towards positive affirmations and positivity. Not just this, the sound bath therapy also helps in healing the Chakras in your body and heals them in the best possible way. It revitalizes and rejuvenates your body and makes it more spontaneous for your daily tasks.


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