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Home ›   Astrology Blogs ›   Sun transit 2022: know how sun in gemini brings new changes in these zodiac signs

Sun transit 2022: know how sun in gemini brings new changes in these zodiac signs

Riti riti.tomar@gmail.comRiti Tomar Updated 22 Jun 2022 07:28 PM IST
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The transit of Sun in Gemini can have a special effect on these zodiac signs


Mithun Sankranti will start on 15th June 2022. Sun will enter Gemini at 12:03 pm. The auspicious time of 30 Muhurti this Sankranti will start from 05:39 in the morning. It is best to bathe in the Ganges at the time of Sankranti and do charity, havan and ancestor work. Donating a bath at the time of Sankranti gives manifold results. The entry of Sun into Mithun Sankranti will be of special importance for some zodiac signs. Gemini is the zodiac owned by Mercury, which is related to knowledge, reasoning and skill, while Sun is a bright light and a rich store of knowledge. In astrology, the relation of Sun to Mercury shows compatibility. Wednesday has been related to the planet Mercury, so it is considered very important to have Mithun Sankranti on Wednesday itself. The beginning of Surya Sankranti from Gemini on Wednesday will indicate an increase in trade and food grains. This situation will also show an increase in the sales of the product. In such a situation, this time will be the time to provide very special fruits. At this time, it will be able to give positive effect to the people associated with society and art and the bathing, charity and worship done at this time will be able to provide excellent and renewable results.

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For Aries, this Sun going into Gemini will give proper results of effort and hard work. The rush may continue. There will also be a chance to connect with new people by joining some extra activities. Things related to marriage can also come to the fore at home. You can also get some time to hang out with loved ones. Will share some things with loved ones so that they will feel connected to you. There will be an opportunity to win in competitions.



The transit of Sun will happen in Gemini, which will be very important. This time will bring mixed colors for you. In the initial period, you could get to spend some time with your partner. To work together with each other in some domestic matters. Others can also share their responsibilities in your responsibilities. Success can be achieved in business. There may be some benefits at this time and an opportunity to spend time with some loved ones. You may be a bit harsh and may also be ahead in asserting authority, so work a little softer to maintain your rapport with others for a long time. Opportunities for monetary gains can also be obtained at this time. You can feel very happy meeting someone suddenly. You can try hard to keep your mind in front of others.


Leo sun sign

For the people of Leo zodiac, this time can be better for the financial situation. You can also get some respect. You may have a strong desire to pursue what you want at this point of time, but keep an eye on your partner as well otherwise they may feel neglected. Excess of travel can also remain for now. You can take some time out from your busy schedule and indulge in some spiritual activities. Planning for your future will need to be discussed as it is needed at this time.



For Virgo people, this time is going to be important for the workplace. New opportunities can be found in work. Avoid too much strictness for your loved one, some things can create trouble between you, so it will be necessary to take some time out and pay attention to solving the problems. Your own attitude will affect others more than anything, so keep in mind that others should not distance themselves from you. You will find yourself constantly mingling with one or more people. Married couples can get good cooperation with their partner

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