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Sunday Remedies 2022: Aarti of Surya Dev gives auspicious results, know more

My Jyotish Expert Updated 22 Jun 2022 02:26 PM IST
Surya Dev
Surya Dev - Photo : Google
Surya Graha Puja is dedicated to Lord Surya in Hinduism and Sunday is specially dedicated to Sun worship. Sun is the most powerful planet in Vedic astrology, by this worship, one gets the blessings of divinity. By doing this worship, any dosha related to the Sun gets neutralized. The person attains happiness by achieving the desired goal without any hindrance. Surya Aarti Puja bestows the best results for a better career, health, prosperity, good eyesight, strength, courage, success, and treatment of chronic diseases, etc. Worship of Lord Surya can be done in many ways, in the worship of Sun God, Yagya, Havan, Sun source, Suryashtak chant, Aarti, etc. are included. If the aarti of Sun God is done on Sunday for sun worship, then it is going to pave the way for happiness and prosperity in life.

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If the Sun is weak in the horoscope of any person, then such a person has to face problems related to lack of confidence in life, weakening of economic status, and achieving high status in society. Pitra Dosh is also formed when the Sun is afflicted, so to get rid of all these things, doing Surya Aarti with devotion on Sunday is going to provide auspicious results.

Doing that causes problems with the figure of father or father, thus, removing some areas related to your doshas, health, wealth, and status, to negate the ill-effects of the Sun, Surya Graha Puja is performed.

These benefits are available from the aarti of Lord Surya Dev
Worshiping Suryadev is very auspicious for progress in career, attainment of respect, or business success.
Good health is blessed by the aarti of Sun God.
The problems of eye diseases are removed by Surya Aarti. It is also very beneficial for eyesight.
This Aarti worship gives courage as well as mental and physical strength.
The aarti of Sun God is said to relieve leprosy, heart disease, asthma, and neurological diseases.
Financially, there is wealth and prosperity.

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Sun God Aarti
Hail Surya Bhagwan, Hail Dinkar Bhagwan.
The eyes of the world, you are the form of the three Gunas.
Earth is all about meditation, Om Jai Surya Bhagwan.
..ॐ Jai Surya Bhagwan.....

The charioteer is Arun, Lord you, the white lotus bearer. You are four-armed.
Horses are seven for you, koti rays spread. You are a great god.

..ॐ Jai Surya Bhagwan.....

When you come to Udayachal in the morning. Everyone would see then.
Spreading light, when the whole world wakes up. Do all then praise.
..ॐ Jai Surya Bhagwan.....

Go to Bhubaneswar hospital in the evening. Godhan would then come home.
At dusk, every house in every courtyard. Yes, the song of glory.
..ॐ Jai Surya Bhagwan.....

Dev-Danuj male-female, Rishi-Munivar worshiped. Aditya's heart chants.
This hymn is auspicious, its composition is beautiful. Give new life.
..ॐ Jai Surya Bhagwan.....

You are the Trikaal Creator, you are the basis of the world. The glory is unmatched.
By irrigating his life, he gave himself to the devotees. Power, Wisdom, and Wisdom.
..ॐ Jai Surya Bhagwan.....

You are the life of everyone. You are the life of all living beings.
All the Vedas and Puranas should obey you. You are the almighty.
..ॐ Jai Surya Bhagwan.....

Worshiping directions, worshiping ten Dikpals. You are the guardians of the Bhuvan's.
The seasons are your maidservant, you eternal imperishable. Good luck Anshuman.
..ॐ Jai Surya Bhagwan.....
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