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Tarot Tips 2022: Know which 3 angel cards can be your string to Good Fortune

My jyotish expert Updated 15 Jun 2022 09:34 AM IST
Tarot card
Tarot card - Photo : Google
In tarot card reading, these three cards become a sign of your good fortune

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We all get excited about knowing the future with tarot cards. Predicting the future with tarot cards may seem a simple task, but it is the synergy of the energy of the snake with the energy of the Brahman, so as simple as it may seem, but the prediction done by it is quite authentic in its accuracy. When we get our tarot card reading done by someone, we are curious to know the best moment of our luck, then there are some such cards in the tarot card, whose presence is also a sign of good luck and increase in your luck. When it comes to the luckiest tarot cards, any fortune teller will explain that no card is good or bad, but it depends on how seriously you take this fact. There are some tarot cards which definitely signify auspiciousness, some such cards bring sudden news of good luck while others confirm what kind of result you will get at some point and it is advisable to tread carefully.


Here we'll take a look at some of such lucky tarot cards and what message they might be trying to convey to you if they appear in the readings. Keep in mind that tarot can be a good sign that if you stick to the recommended path, then you will also be able to reap positive results in your future. A card can be able to tell you whether you are on the right path for your goals or not, it is up to you to stay on that path till your dreams come true.


Ace of pentacles

Ace of Pentacles is seen as an auspicious card. You will be able to see this card in such a way that it has a large hand that rises out of the clouds and the Pentacles are visible above a lush, lush garden. The card of Pentacles is supposed to give opportunities in life along with material happiness and wealth. If you see this card in your reading, then it indicates a lucky position for you. In such a situation, you should definitely keep your eyes open for the opportunities that may appear in the times to come.


If the Ace of Pentacles appears in a past position, it may indicate a financial opportunity that it is time to take it seriously and move on. In a present or future situation, it means that the time is right to move ahead in your life and career and capitalize on the opportunities that present themselves. While there may be challenges ahead (symbolized by the mountains), your path will eventually take you to new heights.




The sun

The Sun is also seen as a very auspicious sign. In this card the sun shows a happy child surrounded by sunflowers who is perched on a white horse. This card is full of metaphors of light, innocence and truth. The child symbolizes the joy, innocence and freedom of childhood while the horse symbolizes purity and strength. Sunflowers follow the Sun by nature which in itself is a symbol of life, wisdom, radiance and abundance.

The arrival of The Sun Card in the reading becomes an auspicious sign. It can symbolize your connection to your inner child. It signifies a time to return to a sense of wonder and embrace innocence and fun instead of taking life so seriously. In the future, shows new possibilities and new energy. It becomes a symbol of good fortune for you.


The star

The Star Card depicts one woman submerged in the edge of a small pool (aquatic space) also known for intuition and inner voice, while the other rests firmly on the ground which is believed to be common sense and logic . She puts two containers that nurture both the land and the water i.e. the subconscious and the conscious and have a deep connection to the lush natural landscape around them. In the night sky behind him, a large yellow star is surrounded by seven smaller white stars that represent the seven chakras.

This card is also seen as an auspicious sign. If you are going through a difficult time, then the coming of The Star in the reading becomes a symbol of good luck in the times to come. The presence of this card is an indication that the time for renewed hope and purpose is about to come. You will get open opportunities to enter the next phase of your life. The Star urges you to reconnect with your inner guidance and in the seven it also says that you are about to embark on a new journey no matter what the difficulty and success will be with you.

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