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The "BRAHMA" Temple

MyJyotish Expert Updated 01 May 2021 10:24 AM IST
Brahma Temple
Brahma Temple - Photo : Brahma Temple

There are three major gods in Hinduism Namely, Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh. Brahma ji is the creater of this world but the thing to see is that there are many temples of every gods in our country, but Brahma ji has only one temple in India which is located in Pushkar, Rajasthan.

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There is a very interesting story behind this. In the Padma Purana, there is a description that Brahma Ji's wife Savitri cursed him that despite being a deity he would never be worshiped. A mythological temple of Lord Brahma like Pushkar will not be found anywhere in the world.


A demon named Vajranash was intimidating and killing everyone on the earth with his atrocities. Brahmaji killed him to end his growing atrocities. When Brahmaji killed him, then three lotus flowers fell at three different places of Pushkar and lakes were formed at these places. These places are called Vistha, Madhya and Kanisht Pushkar.

After killing Vajranash, Brahmaji organized a yagna in Pushkar. It was necessary for his wife to sit in this yagya. All the Gods and Goddesses reached the place of sacrifice, but the wife of Brahmaji did not reach. They waited for a long time, but Savitri did not arrive. Seeing the auspicious time, Brahmaji married a Gurjar girl Gayatri and she sat in a yagna with her.
Meanwhile, Savitri reached the place of sacrifice. Seeing Gayatri sitting there with Brahmaji in the yajna, she became angry. She cursed Brahmaji that he will never be worshiped. Lord Vishnu helped Brahmaji, so he could not escape from Savitri's anger. He got the curse of suffering wife-viraha. Therefore, Lord Ram, an incarnation of Lord Vishnu, had to stay away from his wife Sita during the exile of 14 years.

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In anger, Savitri cursed Naradji to be a loner for life. The Brahmins who got married to Brahmaji and Gayatri and the cows brought in the yajna also had to become part of Savitri's wrath. The Brahmin got the curse that no matter how much donation he gets, he will never be satisfied. Cows got the curse of eating dirt in Kalyug. He got the curse of being humiliated in the Kali Yuga, Agnidev contained in the fire pit of Yagya.

When Savitri's anger subsided, all the gods began to apologize to her and requested her to withdraw the curse. But Savitri did not listen. While reducing the curse of Brahmaji, she simply said that Pushkar will be the only place on this earth where you will be worshiped.

After this, she went to the top of a hill called Pushnar's Ratnagiri and got engrossed in austerity.

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