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Thursday Remedies 2023: Do not do these mistakes on Thursday, or else you will be at loss

MyJyotish Expert Updated 31 May 2023 12:05 PM IST
Goddess Laxmi
Goddess Laxmi - Photo : Google
Thursday Remedies: Do not do these mistakes on Thursday, otherwise luck will get angry

Every day has religious significance in Hinduism. Every day is considered to be of one or the other deity. If we talk about Thursday, then this day is dedicated to Lord Vishnu. For those who worship Lord Vishnu and fast on Thursday, all their troubles go away. Along with this, there are many such works that should not be done on Thursday even by mistake, otherwise, luck gets upset. But these small mistakes are often made by people and they invite misfortune. There are no blessings in the house and there is a shortage of money. 

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- Clothes should not be washed on Thursday. Nor should the clothes of the house be given to the washerman for washing. Lord Vishnu gets angry by doing this.

- Mop should not be applied in the house. Doing this has a bad effect on the position of Jupiter in the horoscope. Mother Lakshmi also gets angry.

Women should also avoid washing their hair. Jupiter becomes weak in the horoscope of those who wash their hair on Thursday.

Avoid cutting the nails of hands and feet on Thursday. Those who do not follow these rules, their health starts deteriorating.

It is considered wrong to cut hair and shave on Thursday, it is said that doing so hinders the happiness of children. There is also a shortage of money.

Bananas should not be eaten on Thursday. The Banana tree is worshiped on this day to please Lord Vishnu.

- Laundry surf and soap should not be bought on Thursday. Buying these things brings negative energy and one has to face problems.

- Nothing related to eyes should be bought on Thursday. Nor buy sharp-edged things on this day. By doing this, money starts getting tight.

Even on Thursday, vindictive things like alcohol-meat, garlic, and onion should not be eaten.

- On Thursday one should refrain from giving or lending money to charity. By doing this, Goddess Lakshmi becomes unhappy and prosperity does not come.
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