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Home ›   Astrology Blogs ›   Today Daily Horoscope Cancer - 18 August 2022

Cancer Horoscope Today- 18 August 2022

MyJyotish Expert Updated 17 Aug 2022 10:21 PM IST
Cancer Horoscope 2022
Cancer Horoscope 2022 - Photo : My Jyotish
(TODAY) Cancer Horoscope, 18 August 2022
You might be really interested in getting out and doing something with the special people in your life, Cancer. You can thank the day's planetary aspects, which are conspiring to make this a perfect time to spend time together. Is there a place you're curious about and want to visit? Go today, if possible. Pack up the family and go for a fun day to check it out.

(TOMORROW) Cancer Horoscope, 19 August 2022

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You may find that today brings great physical strength and energy, Cancer. You may want to do some really challenging, physical work. This is the day for it, so why not go to it? Do some yard work or clean out closets, cupboards, drawers, and filing cabinets. Consider donating items that you don't use anymore or sell things online to make a couple bucks.

(YESTERDAY) Cancer Horoscope 17 August 2022
Should you pursue a big idea or just focus on getting things done? Today, you're pulled in both directions. The Sun in your security-seeking second house says, don't rock the boat! But with boundless Neptune bubbling in your outspoken ninth house, it will be hard to hold back. You're either bubbling over with excitement about a visionary plan or you just can't stay silent when you see that something is "off." But maybe it would be better to write your key points in an email draft then reread (and revise) tomorrow.

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You are highly sympathetic and your natural instincts and intuitions are all made from this. You are often seen as a ‘mother figure’ when it comes to giving care. That attracts people to talk to you and be in your presence. Your caring and loving nature are one of the great assets that you possess. Your amiable nature is what people love the most. Your sign is adored by lots of people due to your whole package. You are loyal, and sympathetic which leads people to talk about their issues with you. You are persuasive, imaginative, and tenacious.
You are a water sign, which has an abundance of emotions in her/himself. You are sensitive to people whom you should not be. Your tendency of being so sympathetic makes you moody. You are controlling and can develop aggressive behaviour at times. People think you are difficult to manage but that’s not the truth.

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