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Taurus Horoscope Today - 03 October 2023

MyJyotish Expert Updated 02 Oct 2023 11:06 PM IST
Taurus Horoscope 2022
Taurus Horoscope 2022 - Photo : MyJyotish Expert
(TODAY) Taurus Horoscope  -  03 October 2023
Taurus, your career path unfolds with a sense of mastery and dedication. This period calls for meticulous effort and the continuous pursuit of excellence, with your unwavering expertise not going unnoticed. The Universe is advising you to embrace a leap of faith. Trust in your capabilities and step beyond your comfort zone. Believe that your hard-earned skills will guide you as you take this bold move. By doing so, you will open doors to exciting opportunities and a brighter career path. Have confidence that your dedication, combined with this courageous leap, will propel you towards remarkable success.

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(TOMORROW) Taurus Horoscope, 04 October  2023
Consistency is a love language, one that you’re getting used to, Taurus. This is what it feels like to be in a brand new timeline. This is what it feels like to be with somebody who loves, appreciates you, and wants to elevate alongside you. Do yourself a favour, drop the mind and journey back to your heart. Your angels are reminding you that you deserve the grace that is so freely being poured into your cup. If you are feeling the spark with somebody brand new, consider this as a confirmation that there’s more to this connection than meets the eye. Word for the wise: let your intentions be known from the start. There’s so much magick that surrounds you right now!

(YESTERDAY) Taurus Horoscope   02 October 2023
You’re conflicted. You want to invest in this relationship, but you don’t know whether or not they’d be willing to meet you halfway. Do yourself a favour and speak up. Speak up about your hopes and dreams and aspirations. Talk about both your fears and inhibitions. Until you don’t ask for the clarity you need, you’ll keep playing the guessing game, Taurus. Oh, and one more thing! If you feel like you’ve been in your head lately, breathe and anchor yourself in the present moment. Grounding practices such as walking barefoot on the grass and/or movement meditation will help you with the given intention.

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Zodiac TAURUS - About TAURUS - Taurus loves to take a rest in the most aesthetic way possible. You are full of ambition and work hard to fulfil your set goal. You are quite aware of the world around you and your guts are often right. Go with your intuition if you feel so. The biggest merit that comes for you is your amiable, dependable and caring nature of you with your loved ones. You are patient, reliable, stable, and hard-working by nature. Your love actions with your close ones are what you are most praised for. The biggest issue with your sign is that you are stubborn. The stubbornness comes with the situation when you see other people’s opinion is not the same as yours. Though you have an unwavering tendency for your work ethics and morals still, your tendency to keep your things as your possession is bothersome. You lose your love and respect for the people who don’t line up with you. No matter how much you have earned or what great deeds you have done you tend to end your ties with those who don’t work along with you or like you.


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