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Home ›   Astrology Blogs ›   Turmeric Remedies 2023: How Puja's turmeric will take away all your troubles, know in just one click

Turmeric Remedies 2023: How Puja's turmeric will take away all your troubles, know in just one click

MyJyotish Expert Updated 26 May 2023 11:53 AM IST
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Turmeric Remedies: How Puja's turmeric will take away all your troubles, know in just one click

The use of turmeric is not only limited to the kitchen but it is also used in all kinds of religious rituals. In Sanatan tradition, using turmeric in all kinds of Manglik programs is considered auspicious. Then whether it is marriage or any worship, turmeric is definitely used. According to religious beliefs, turmeric is related to Devguru Brihaspati. In such a situation, by using it one gets happiness and good fortune in life. Worship is considered incomplete without the use of turmeric. If there are any defects related to Jupiter in your horoscope, then these remedies related to turmeric will remove your troubles.

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According to religious belief, if there is any defect related to Devguru Brihaspati in your horoscope, then use turmeric during worship. Apply turmeric as a tilak on your forehead. It is also believed that applying a small tika of turmeric on the neck and wrist also strengthens Jupiter in the horoscope. Due to this, the troubles that come in life also go away.

If there is any kind of hindrance in the marriage of you or any member of the family, then worship Lord Ganesha every Thursday. Offer turmeric to Ganpati ji during his worship. According to religious belief, by doing this remedy, they become happy quickly and happiness and prosperity come into your life.

Putting a little turmeric in water before taking a bath in the morning is considered beneficial. This purifies both your body and mind. Along with this, if you are facing any kind of obstacle in your career, then this remedy related to turmeric will prove to be beneficial.

If there is always a fight in married life, then make a swastika symbol with turmeric on the main wall of the house. It is believed that doing this brings prosperity in married life and strengthens love relations.

If there is always trouble in your house, or if you feel that some kind of negative energy resides in the house, then take clean water in a pot and add some turmeric and Gangajal to it. Then sprinkle this water in the whole house. It is believed that doing this removes bad luck and brings positive energy.
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