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What does your zodiac tells about the Kind of Friend you are?

MyJyotish Expert Updated 10 May 2022 06:13 PM IST
What kind of friend are you?
What kind of friend are you? - Photo : Google

Type of Friend you are based on your Zodiac Sign
Friendship is a relationship that is based on trust, mutual affection and a lot of fun. We all have friends, some close, some that we can truly depend on, someone who is always up for a party, and someone that can be all of the above. Are you the Monica of the group or maybe the fashionista Rachel? You could be Joey who does share his food or the sarcasm king like Chandler Bing. Well, it can vary from person to person.  

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We bring to you the type of friend you are according to your zodiac sign.
Aries Zodiac Sign
The daring Aries is always to try out something new with their gang. A friend who would never back off in a truth or dare game. Their attitude adds the much-needed fun factor into friendship. Moreover, they are absolute party animals, bringing all the quirk in the air. If you want a carefree friend who is always up for booze, then Aries is your perfect choice. They will always inspire you to dream big and never lose hope. If you are wondering which famous character feels like an Aries then we say the mighty, the bravest, roll-the-drums, the one and only, Harry Potter.   
Taurus Zodiac Sign
The earthy sign Taurus is considered to be the most loyal comrade one can ever have. You can count upon a Taurean any day. They will be supportive of you when everyone is against you. Also, they are an ideal shopping pal for all your shopping sprees. The foodie Taurus will feed you without any shame. One can never go wrong with a friend like Taurus. Joey Tribbiani of friends is a classy Taurean because of his huge gut and loyal friendship with Chandler. What do you think?
Gemini Zodiac Sign
Say hello to the social butterfly of the zodiac sign. Gemini is the one who will never let any moment dull. If you are looking for a friend who will assist you to a party, dinner, lunch, the twin sign will never say no. Chandler Bing has all the necessary traits of a Gemini. The funnyman of the group yet always seeks approval from his friends. In addition to their outgoing personality, they also happen to be there when you are going through a tough phase.
Cancer Zodiac Sign
A friend who is no less than a family member, cancer will protect you from all evil. Cancerians caring nature is most appreciated by a friend who needs validation. You can share all your secrets with them and they will carry them to their grave. Cancerians are like Charlie of Perks of Being a Wallflower, always there to help. Academically, physically, Charlie is the friend we all need. The trust factor in a Cancerian runs deep. You can close your eyes and depend on a Cancerian. 
Leo Zodiac Sign
Leo gives you the warm fuzzy feeling of a friend. A companion that is generous enough to help you with your time, money and efforts. A Leo is everyone’s dream best friend. One who makes you laugh and helps you in time of need. they are most definitely not the fair-weather friend. You can look up to them because of their dazzling and positive aura. Ross Geller is a true lion, emotional and reliable. 
Virgo Zodiac Sign
The perfectionist vs Virgo is a perfect friend too. They have all the necessary traits that qualify them to be a good friend. Virgos are nurturing and will always provide support. If you are looking for emotional help, then the maiden is here for you. They will be your beck and call for every reason, happy or sad. The competitive, control freak and the perfectionist is none other than Monica Geller of friends. Virgos can be cleanliness freaks yet will give you the roof when you happen to run away from your wedding.
Libra Zodiac Sign
Libras love to have a big friend circle as they are extremely social. They are the mother of the group. Their caring and loving personality are much appreciated by their peers. However, they are also honest people, they say things as it is. Sugarcoating is not their best forte. In addition, they will balance their life with every friend well. Rachel Green from friends is a true Libra as she is sociable, balanced and a fun person to be around. 
Scorpio Zodiac Sign
Scorpio friends are usually the most adventurous in the group. They will be always up to take risks at any given moment. Also, Scorpions never back down from their word, if they have promised something they will fulfil it. They are loyal, straight forward and fun-loving pals. Your most spontaneous plan will be backed up by a Scorpio. Carrie Bradshaw is a true scorpion pal, ain’t she? 
Sagittarius Zodiac Sign
Sagittarians are the happy go lucky friends in the group. They will lift you f a bad mood by acting crazy. You cannot ignore them no matter what mood you are in. They will make you laugh, plan fun outings with you. Their naturally optimistic will act as a contagious disease, you will bound to feel positive all the time. April from Definitely Maybe is the prime example of a saggy friend. 
Capricorn Zodiac Sign
The leader of the pack, Capricorns have a reputation of being the boss in their friend circle. They are practical in their approach to handling any dispute among friends. Their friendship will make you feel inspired by their excellent management skills. You can learn a great deal of self-control from them. Capricorns will let you know when it’s time to stop.  Hermione Granger is ambitious and hardworking and on the other hand, also manages her studies and friendship well. She has the seriousness and will of a Capricorn.
Aquarius Zodiac Sign
The one friend that will let you be yourself. They never shy away from sharing their honest opinion of you or any situation. Most Aquarians are free-spirited, thus inspiring you to let loose and live life for once. They are protective of their peers and will fight the world for you. You will never be bored in their presence as they keep the conversation going. Their inquisitive mind will never let any moment go dull. The weird yet most warming Character from the sitcom friends is Phoebe Buffay. Always trying out different stuff yet being the delightful friend we all are looking for. 
Pisces Zodiac Sign
The selfless water sign, Pisces is your go-to friend. They can go to any extent to help the people they love. You should count yourself lucky if you have a Pisces BFF. Their soothing aura makes it easy for people to confide in them. Lastly, they are the best advice giver in your circle. You just have to keep an open mind to welcome their top-notch advice. Holly Gillithly is a true Piscean with a broken heart yet manages to make people laugh and feel good about themselves.


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