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Home ›   Astrology Blogs ›   Vaastu tips: Home kitchen gives important contribution to home happiness and peace, learn ways to keep kitchen free from architectural defects

Vaastu tips: Home kitchen gives important contribution to home happiness and peace, learn ways to keep kitchen free from architectural defects

My Jyotish expert Updated 05 Aug 2021 06:47 PM IST
Vaastu for Kitchen
Vaastu for Kitchen - Photo : Google
As we know, the science of Vastu has many basic bases such as earth water, sky fire and air. These 5 things are of great importance. If these rules of Vastu are not followed, his life becomes very difficult whether it is health related or any social side. Eating delicious and nutritious food is not enough to maintain good health, it also requires a lot of care, and if any member of the family has a good life, what good health you want, it is important that vastu in your house is also fine. If the architectural science of your house is fine, you can't have any problems with anything. Your health will be fine and you will also be able to live happily, but do you know what diseases you may face if you are not following Vastu? So let's know how we can follow the kitchen according to Vastu. 

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Let's go what to do and what not 

If you are running out of money or not being able to do something healthy properly, you have to take utmost care of this thing. Whatever stove you are using in the kitchen at home should be kept in the southeast angle and then whatever food you are preparing should be facing east. If you are preparing food with your face facing south, you will have a lot of trouble in your health. 

Always keep whatever heavy stuff is in your kitchen south or southwest. 

If your kitchen is not in the architectural direction, it means you are a victim of vastu dosh. If you want to remove vastu dosh, always make sure that a red bulb is installed in the south-east direction of the kitchen and make sure it is never extinguished. 

If your kitchen is in front of the main door, it means vastu dosh, put a curtain on your main door to remove it immediately. 

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It happens many times that you don't know where to build and say no and in that case people build temples in the kitchen itself which indicates vastu dosh, so if there is a temple inside the kitchen at your house also, it can cause a lot of illness to you or any member of your family, so if you are in the kitchen It will be good for you and your family if you remove the temple from it and install it in another place. 

If you have a bathroom in the same room and your kitchen, understand that no member of your family can be in good health and there is no peace for long, so to avoid this, you should keep 11 standing salt on your bathroom in a glass bowl and change it after a while. 
Always keep in mind that if you are entering your kitchen, don't always enter by taking a bath because it happens that if you don't plan, you feel irritable and lazy all day long. 

If you want to be at home, remove the first bread of the house from the cow mother. Only then will someone touch food at home and keep you healthy as well as the blessings of the gods.

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