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Vastu remedies 2022:- know how kitchen pan is essential according to Vastu shastra

My jyotish expert Updated 07 May 2022 02:21 PM IST
Vastu Remedies
Vastu Remedies - Photo : Google
Astrology Tips: The effect of everything has been told in Vastu Shastra. If these things are not kept properly, then they directly affect our life. Vastu also plays an important role in the essential things used in the kitchen of the house. The tawa used in the kitchen is also essential. Many things should be taken into account in this. Its effect is directly visible on the financial condition of the house . let's find out. Keep your tawa in your kitchen as per these Vastu rules and tips for prosperity and peace in your marriage and home Take special care of these things related to the pan Vastu experts believe that the pan should always be cleaned after cooking  and should be kept hidden from everyone's eyes.

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 It should never be kept in  such a place from where visitors can see it. Keeping a pan in the open is considered inauspicious Many people really don't care or don't mind displaying their pans and pans on the kitchen. They are placed on one side of the shelf after or before use. They keep or store them as they would other utensils. However, as per Vastu Shastra, the pan should not be kept in the open. Try not to see the pan other than your family members. It is believed that this can cause big problems in your marriage. It also hampers your health Before making roti, salt should be sprinkled on the pan, first of all, make cow's roti on the pan. Due to this there is never any shortage of money and food in the house. If you have to follow the rules of Vastu, then start sprinkling a little salt on the pan just before making roti. You should also make sure that the first bread you make is fed to an animal, then make it for yourself and your family in that order. This keeps happiness and prosperity in your home
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