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Vastu remedies 2022:- know some effective remedies which help in dosh prevention

My jyotish expert Updated 04 Jun 2022 02:42 PM IST
Vastu remedies 2022
Vastu remedies 2022 - Photo : Google
Vastu has great importance in the life of all beings.  And knowingly or unknowingly, by using the usefulness of Vastu, they keep trying to improve their life.  All living beings receive energy in different forms by nature.  The energies are favorable to some of these and have an unfavorable effect on some of them.  Therefore, all beings try to make the most of the favorable energies and avoid the unfavorable energies.  When the happiness of the members of the house disappears even after every possible effort, then we get an idea of where we have gone wrong while building the house.  Knowingly or unknowingly while building your house, some Vastu defects remain due to mistakes or circumstances.  

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To get rid of these defects, if you adopt the above-mentioned measures, then without any sabotage, you can get rid of the defects caused by Vastu.  Even after worshiping Vastu, sometimes some defects remain in the soil due to some reasons, which need to be removed.  There is a common belief that South and West directions do not have a good effect or have an inauspicious effect.  But the truth is something else, in each direction, there are special elements, which make a good impression. Like 135 to 180 degrees in the south direction, 270 to 310 degrees in the west direction gives a good effect.  Therefore, it is necessary to know the possibilities of taking advantage of their luck without keeping any bias towards the directions.

First of all, we should wake up early in the morning and meditate for a few moments on our Ishta, the Supreme Soul, the creator of this universe.  After that, the palm of that part which is playing the nasal tone should be seen, touch the face with that palm for some time.  After this, you keep the same foot on the ground, towards which the sound of the nose is going.  With this, there will always be a glow on the face.

When you wake up in the morning, one part of the body has the most magnetic and electric power, so by touching that part of the body with the earth, the forces of the five elements are balanced.
If there is any kind of hole ie a pillar, big tree, or multi-story building in front of your house, then it can affect your health or financial condition.  If you put a lamp post in front of your house.  If this is not possible, then plant pots of Ashoka trees and trees of fragrant flowers in front of the house.  Tulsi plant is good for health.
By doing nine lessons of Shri Ramcharit Manas in a monolithic form in the house, Vastu defects are removed.
By doing Akhand Lord Kirtan in the house for nine days, Vastu defects are removed.
Make a swastika sign with vermilion on the main door.  This sign should be nine fingers long and nine fingers wide.
Putting a horseshoe on the door of the house becomes a symbol of auspiciousness.
To remove all kinds of Vastu defects in the house, it is considered favorable to plant a banana plant on the main door on one side and a Tulsi plant on the other side of the pot.

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If it has been a long time since the plot has been purchased and there is no possibility of building a house, then planting a pomegranate plant in the flower constellation in that plot is one of the good Vastu measures.
Burying a silver snake in the ground in the east direction at the time of construction of the house is also considered suitable for Vastu Shanti.
If you have a multi-story building in front of you, then according to Feng Shui, you can remove negativity by placing eight angular mirrors, crystal hairs, and direction indicators.
Broken utensils or broken cots should not be kept in the house.  Keeping broken utensils and broken cot leads to loss of money. Put a big round mirror on the roof of the house in such a way that the entire shadow of the house can be seen in it.
If factory smoke comes out near the house, then an exhaust fan or tree should be installed.  Negative energy goes away through its door.
If the beam is such a place in the house from which you feel mental stress, then you can adopt this remedy to avoid the defects arising from the beam.  
If there is a beam in the bedroom, then do not place your bed or dining table under it.  If there is an office, then tables and chairs should not be kept and one should avoid sitting in that place.
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