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Home ›   Astrology Blogs ›   Vastu shastra 2022: know about colors in your room that will bring positivity or negativity in your life

Vastu shastra 2022: know about colors in your room that will bring positivity or negativity in your life

My jyotish expert Updated 06 Mar 2022 10:14 AM IST
Room color according to Vastu
Room color according to Vastu - Photo : Google

Vastu shastra 2022: know about colors in your room that will bring positivity or negativity in your life

 In today's time, all the people use new decoration items to make their home beautiful and get different colors done on the walls. But do you know that each color has its own energy and a psychological effect. Yes, it has been proved that colors have a psychological effect on the human mind. Home is an important place where the members of the house spend a major part of their life. In such a situation, you need to be very careful while getting the color done in your house.

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Colors create special emotion in people and maintain the balance of the house. If there are fights and tensions in your house too, then pay attention to the colors used in your house. You have not used such colors which you should avoid. Today in this article we will know which colors are good to use in the bedroom and which colors should be avoided.
Red color is considered a symbol of love. That's why people use red color in their bedroom. If you have also got red color on the walls of your bedroom or have installed night bulbs and night lamps of this color, then you should remove them today. It is directly related to the planet Mars, which increases anger and aggression and creates a rift in your mutual relationships. Therefore, avoid using red color in any way in the bedroom.According to Vastu Shastra, red color is not considered a good color for bedroom. 

According to Vastu Shastra, you should use light colors on the walls of your bedroom such as light green, pink, sky and many other light beautiful colors should be used to cool the mind. By using these colors, positivity energy and happiness remains between the couple.
Now it comes to curtains, how should you use curtains in your bedroom. You should choose curtains of light color in your bedroom which will relax your eyes. For example, white, orange, cream, pink or yellow curtains can be used. If the window of your bedroom is in the north direction, then it will be best for you to use sky blue or white curtains. By doing this you will get better results.
The most important thing in your personal bedroom is the sheet. If you use the right color sheet, then there will always be happiness and love in your married life.

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Know which are the colors whose sheets you can use in the bedroom

The best and best option for bedroom bed sheet is pink colored bed sheet. Pink color is considered a symbol of tenderness and affection. By using this color sheet, love and respect increases between the couples. Talking about the same colors, you can also choose light colors, such as light yellow, orange or sky blue. Which can bring back happiness and enthusiasm in your life.Yellow color is associated with communication, self esteem and strength which helps in making your future bright. Green color pacifies tension and hatred.
While choosing colors, keep in mind that do not use dark colors like purple, black, purple for your bedroom. Do not use too much white color in the bedroom, doing so increases the ego inside you. Red color creates anger in you.

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