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Home ›   Astrology Blogs ›   Vastu Shastra 2022:- When You Leave Your House, If You See These Things, Its Considered Auspicious, Read

Vastu Shastra 2022:- When You Leave Your House, If You See These Things, Its Considered Auspicious, Read

My Jyotish Expert Updated 18 Jun 2022 01:23 PM IST
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Everyone must have considered it a good omen. If someone is said to do good work, then he only wants that everything should be good. Do not see any wrong thing which creates unnecessary doubt in the mind. If we talk about religion, then according to this we are indicating what is going to happen to us. Well, it is our everyday life, due to which we have to go out every day. But when we go in the morning, we pay attention that we see auspicious things. Let us know about what things are auspicious to see while traveling from home.

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 If you see milk while going out of the house, then it is good. The importance of seeing it increases when you see a calf drinking cow's milk on the way while going for marriage, then it is very auspicious.

It is very auspicious if a monk comes to your house in the morning. Do not let them return empty-handed. It is said that by donating your money you get back your stuck money. Or there is profit in your business.

 If you are going out of the house due to some good work, then if you see honey or a cow on the way, the work seems to be successful.

It is said that if you see a dead body on the way from home, it is auspicious. It is believed that you will get success in the work you are going for.

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Jaggery is considered to have special significance in Hinduism. It is considered very auspicious to see in the morning. At the same time, you are leaving if someone is carrying jaggery filled and you catch sight of it, it is a sign of profit.

 If you are going out for some work, birds are distributing food among themselves on the way and if you see them, then your work is on the way to completion.

 It is very auspicious to see a vessel full of water. There is no possibility of getting work done.

 If the weather falls without rain, then it also has special significance. If you sneeze twice, then it comes once, it is good. It is not good to come more than twice.

Many times we come out of the house, then we just focus on going somewhere else. But when we are going from home for some good work, then we hear the sound of the temple bell, then success in work. Sure to meet.

It is good if you see a flower blooming while leaving the house. It is said that some auspicious work is going to happen in your life to see this.
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