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Home ›   Astrology Blogs ›   Vastu tips 2022: know how happiness and prosperity be in your life by bringing these plants home

Vastu tips 2022: know how happiness and prosperity be in your life by bringing these plants home

My jyotish expert Updated 22 Jul 2022 10:01 AM IST
Lucky plants
Lucky plants - Photo : Google
Lucky Plants: Take these plants at home during the holy month of Sawan, happiness and prosperity will come

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There are many rituals of worship like in the month of Sawan. Similarly, in the month of Sawan, many types of plants are planted for progress in the house. This year Sawan starts on 14th July 2022 and ends on 12th August 2022. Mahadev devotees want that we should be blessed with the blessings of our Lord in some form or the other. May his grace be with us always.

By the way, many types of trees are planted for happiness and prosperity in the house. Everyone has their own benefits too.
Let us know which plant should be planted in the house in the month of Sawan so that happiness and prosperity remain.

Tulsi plant
The atmosphere of the house where there is a Tulsi plant is very pure. It is very auspicious to plant a Tulsi plant in the Northeast corner of the house in the month of Sawan. Tulsi plant has also proved to be very beneficial for health. Tulsi is related to Mother Lakshmi and Lord Narayan. It is said that in any house there is a Tulsi plant, happiness and prosperity remain in that house. Tulsi is definitely worshipped in every Hindu house. It has proved to be helpful in fighting many diseases. For happiness and prosperity in life, the Tulsi plant should be planted in the courtyard of the house. Having a Tulsi plant in the house, at any time the wealth of paddy can be obtained. There is no shortage. Therefore, plant a Tulsi plant in the month of Sawan.

Banana tree
In Hinduism, a banana tree is planted in every house for worship. It is believed that Lord Vishnu resides in the banana tree. The house where there is a banana tree is very lucky. Where there is this tree, the environment is favourable. If the same banana tree is planted in the wrong place then its result is inauspicious. By adopting all the rules of planting this tree, happiness, prosperity and peace always remain in the house. Therefore, this plant is considered very auspicious. These plants should be planted in the northeast corner of the house. If this tree is planted in the house, it can be planted in the north or east direction. Offering water and raw milk to a banana tree every Thursday removes the dosha of the planet Jupiter. Lord Narayan resides in the banana tree. Keep in mind that there should never be a thorny tree near the banana tree.

Champa Plant
Champa plant is counted among the five flowers of Cupid. This flower is also useful for health-related problems. According to Vastu, planting a Champa plant brings auspiciousness to the house as well as attains unbroken good fortune. Therefore, this tree should be planted in Sawan. Along with this, Ayurveda has described the Champa tree as full of medicinal properties. The Northwest direction is considered best for the Champa plant. It can be kept in the south corner but should not be planted in the southwest and northeast.

Datura plant
Mahadev resides in the Datura plant. Dhatura is very dear to Mahadev. It is planted in every house in the month of Sawan. By planting this plant, negative energy stays out in the house. Positivity, happiness, peace and prosperity remain in the house. Sunday and Tuesday are good for planting Datura. Apart from this day, you can apply on any auspicious day. The biggest advantage of planting this plant in the house will be that you can offer Datura to Mahadev every day.
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