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Vastu tips 2022: know how to be a millionaire by planting these plants with tulsi plant

My jyotish expert Updated 24 Jun 2022 09:37 AM IST
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Planting these plants with Tulsi at home, get happiness and prosperity

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In Hinduism, it is considered very auspicious to plant a Tulsi plant in the house. In Sanatan Dharma, Tulsi plant is considered as God. The root or leaves of basil are used in medicines. Among the deities, the enjoyment of all the deities except Lord Ganesha is not acceptable without Tulsi.
By planting a Tulsi plant in the house, it purifies the environment as well as happiness and prosperity remains in the house. Wherever this plant is located, it produces a pleasant aroma. Which today keeps the surrounding environment fresh. It is extremely beneficial for health. Basil plant helps in fighting infection and strengthens immunity.
Tulsi plant is also known as Osius Centum in the world. There are 22 types of basil and 27 types of minerals are found.
Let us know the benefits of planting which plants in the house along with Tulsi:-

Shami plant

It is very good to plant Shami plant at home. It is believed that Shami plant is very dear to Shani Dev. By planting a Shami plant, the house remains blessed. There is never any shortage of money in the house. By planting Shami plant in the house, Vastu defects are removed. Shami plant is very dear to Lord Bholenath.
According to Shiv Purana, if the leaves of Shami plant are also included in Shiva worship, then Lord Mahadev becomes pleased very soon. In mythological beliefs, Shami tree is very auspicious.


 Banana plant

Banana plant is considered very auspicious and holy in Hinduism. From applying it to worship, there are its own rules. Jyoti scriptures have told the abode of Lord Vishnu in the banana plant. On every Thursday, they are worshiped with the law of the banana plant. It is believed that by planting this plant, Pitra Dosh is removed.
Banana plant should always be planted in the back part of the house. And a Tulsi plant should always be planted near them.

Black datura

Dhatura is very dear to Lord Shiva. They are poisonous as well as thorny. This is the reason that it is used only in worship. Datura juice (heated by mixing sesame oil and datura juice) is used for relief in any type of pain.

Bamboo plant

There are some different benefits of planting bamboo plant. To plant this plant, full open space is needed because the spread of this plant is highVastu Shastra has described it as Feng Shui. Wherever its plant is, good luck, wealth and peace remain. Along with this, this plant also gives shade.
This plant is also used in some medicines. If you have any breathing problem, then drinking a decoction of bamboo kopal gives you relief from the disease. This plant helps in controlling diseases like diabetes.
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