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Astrology Special 2022: Most Auspicious Gemstone for Your Sign

MyJyotish Expert Updated 04 Jan 2022 11:22 AM IST
Zodiac Gemstones
Zodiac Gemstones - Photo : Karenna Maraj Jewelry
In astrology, wearing metals and gems according to the zodiac and their owner is said to be auspicious. Luck favours by wearing gemstones suited to the zodiac sign and there is less chance of bad luck. But it is very important to know the right choice of gems and their quantity. If the degree of position of the planet lord is high, then the gems should be worn in less weight. Otherwise, it is advisable to wear a gemstone weighing more than seven and a half rattis. Gemstone should be worn in Shukla Paksha. After keeping it in milk the night before, after bathing in the morning on a favourable day, the gemstone should be washed with Ganges water and worn only after showing incense. In case of adverse results within a week’s time, the stone should be removed.

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Let us know which gemstone to wear according to your zodiac sign will give auspicious results for you this year.
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Aries: The lord of Aries is Mars. Wearing a copper ring or coral in gold on Tuesday is appropriate and auspicious.
Taurus: It will be appropriate for the people of Taurus, the zodiac owned by Venus, to wear a diamond in the Ashtadhatu mixed with iron and lead metal on Friday this year.
Gemini: The lord of Gemini zodiac is Mercury. Wearing emerald in silver ring on Sunday will be auspicious this year.
Cancer: Wearing pearls in silver, which is favorable to the Moon on Monday or Tuesday this year, will give auspicious results.
Leo: The zodiac lord of Leo is the Sun. Wearing ruby in gold on Sunday or Thursday will increase fame.
Virgo: This year it will be appropriate for you to wear emerald in gold metal on Wednesday to get auspicious results from Mercury.
Libra: Due to the ownership of Venus, wearing a diamond or emerald in silver on Friday will bring good luck.
Scorpio: The lord of Scorpio zodiac is Mars. You are advised to wear coral gemstone in copper or gold on Tuesday to avoid excess expenditure.
Sagittarius: The lord of Sagittarius is Jupiter. Therefore, wearing topaz in bronze on Sunday will increase wealth for the people of Sagittarius.
Capricorn: The people of Capricorn, the zodiac owned by Saturn, will be auspicious to wear a sapphire or iron ring in silver on Saturday or Wednesday. Sapphire should be removed while sleeping.
Aquarius: The lord of Aquarius is also Saturn. Wearing sapphire in silver or diamond in gold on Wednesday will reduce the effect of Saturn.
Pisces: Wearing pearls in bronze or silver on Mondays will increase income as Jupiter is the lord of the zodiac

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