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Vastu Tips 2022- Follow these vastu tips for a blissful marital life

My Jyotish Expert Updated 21 Jan 2022 09:15 AM IST
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Vastu Tips 2022- Follow these vastu tips for a blissful marital life
Marriage is a special union which connects two very distinct individuals to each other. Whether the marriage is an arranged one, or one of love, there is no match to the feeling of being respected and cared for, for who you truly are. However, this marital euphoria is unavailable to a lot of married couples, unfortunately. Not being keen to follow that Vastu for a blissful marital life could be a reason for this.

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A marriage which is full of contentment and peace, is wanted and wished for by all. However, some obstructions can hinder the effective functioning of a wedding, and thus, one should quickly deal with such obstructions. Some specific tips and suggestions are given in the Vastu Shastra, and one can follow these for throwing all obstructions out of the way, which would result in a marital life full of bliss.

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How is Vastu significant for marriages to be happy?
We often hear the saying, “marriages are made in heaven”, but the truth is that these marriages have to be constantly sustained, by us ourselves. Thus, each couple in a marriage is usually provided with an appropriate space to live, which would make privacy available to them. As Vastu Shastra’ rules govern each place, it’s highly essential for these Vastu guidelines and rules to be applied to marriages, in order to them to become successful.
Couples in a marriage are strongly and deeply impacted by the cosmic energies, and thus, such couples should be harmonious with one another. Some specific arrangements for dealing with their partner’s nature and temperament have to be undertaken, as this would bring contentment and peace to the marriage.
It would be wise to not partake in arguments and fallouts over matters that are relatively insignificant. This is because this way the balance of the five elements would be disturbed and negative and unfavourable energies and vibrations would be attracted. This balance is to be maintained and Vastu suggestions for a married life that is happy help with this maintenance, and help with throwing this negativity out of the path, which is required as such negativities might lead to separation or divorce.
What Vastu suggestions help a marriage to be successful ?
In order for there to be an extremely strong connection of love and for adding bliss of a happy marriage to your life, you must make sure you are following the Vastu tips given below as these would make your marital bond stronger :-
  1. Bedroom’s location – A bedroom that is supposed to be used by a couple who is married should be located in the house’s north – west or south – west direction.
  2. Bed’s direction – The couple’s bed must be positioned in a manner that the wife and the husband end up sleeping with their heads towards the south. This is because this would be seen to improve the effective flow of positive vibrations and energies coming from the direction of the north.
  3. Wooden furniture is to be used – There should be a strong presence of wooden furniture in the room of the couple. The study table, the dressing table, the couple’s bed, etc. , should all be wooden, and at the same time, one should avoid the use of metallic and glass materials.
  4. Single mattress – A single mattress must be used by the couple for the purpose of sleep and this is because the idea of oneness of feelings and thoughts is represented by the use of a single mattress. This way, love is promoted and positivity is brought to the married life.
  5. Stress free bedroom – The married couple’s harmony and peace is majorly threatened by stress. The relationship can be often ruined and ideas of divorce and separation too can creep in. Thus, enough time should be provided to one another by the couple and the couple should strive for stress not hindering their special connection.
  6. Light colours – Soothing and light colours like blue, green, and pink, must be used to paint the couple’s bedroom. Dark colours should always be avoided as they could lead to the attraction of negative energies and to the creation of obstructions in the couple’s life.
  7. Avoidance of beams – The should be no beams over the bed of the couple as this can hamper the strength of the relationship and it can even affect their health. This can ruin their connect with the divine consciousness and lead to the attraction to suffering to their lives.
  8. Avoidance of mirrors – The presence of mirrors in the bedroom could lead to fights as these are said to attract negative powers. Thus, a mirror should always be far away from the bed and should always be covered with a cloth during the night hours.
  9. Room decor – Family pictures should adorn the bedroom of the couple as through these pictures, the couple can relive those moments .
  10. Electronic devices to be avoided – The bedroom should be free from the presence of any electronic devices like laptops, mobile phones, television etc. These should be kept away from the bed if it is not possible to keep them out of the room altogether. Health can be severely affected by the radiation from these gadgets and tensions can arise between the couple as a result of this.
Your married life can be greatly improved by the effective utilization of these Vastu suggestions and these can add a spark to your bond. If your relationship is plagued by troubles, use can even undertake a consultation with a Vastu expect as this way, you will be provided with solutions that are personalised and with solutions that can add bliss and tranquillity to your married life.

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