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Vastu Tips: Know the Right Direction to Sit and Study to become a Brilliant student

My Jyotish Expert Updated 30 Nov 2021 02:33 PM IST
Vastu Tips
Vastu Tips - Photo : Google
Now-a- days the place of study in homes is not fixed at any one place. Somewhere the child starts studying at the dining table. Sometimes he studies while sitting in the bed. Many times we read while watching TV, as a result of which the result is not good. In today's competitive era, it has become very important for children to be brilliant. If you plan the children's room according to the rules mentioned in Vastu, then the chances of getting good results will be strong. By doing this, the child will get peace of mind and his mind will be engaged in studies. Let us know here, some important things related to the study room-

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Practice is of special importance in the education of children, as important as memorization is, equally important is the practice of writing and writing. The best place to practice is the southwest (south-west) direction.

1. For studying, the study room of the child should be in the middle of South to West. Now a steady table should be kept in the northeast or east direction of the room here. Keep in mind that the child's face should be towards North or North-East.If living in a flat, it is possible that the land is not available in the south-west, then in such a situation, the child's study room can be made in the north-east or east room. In such a situation, take a remedy, the picture of the library should be placed on the west and south-west walls.

2. The child's study table should not be round, because the child will not feel like studying. In such a situation, if the table is square, then the study power and concentration of the child will increase. The color of the table should not be too bright.

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3. The table should not be kept very close to the door or the wall. It is very important to have a gap between the wall and the table. This will increase the child's memory and interest in studies.

4. While reading the child, the arrangement of light should be such that the light falls directly on the book. The shadow of the student should not be read in the book. 

5. Unnecessary books should not be kept on the table. If the lamp is placed in the southern corner of the table, it will be auspicious.

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6. The photo of Maa Saraswati, Ganesh Ji should be placed in the northeast direction of the room. There should be peace and a positive atmosphere in the study room.

7. Photographs of eminent and inspiring talents like Swami Vivekananda, Mahatma Gandhi, APJ Abdul Kalam, etc. should be installed in the study room of the child. 

8. Eating should be avoided on the study table, reading while keeping a well-organized table increases memory power.

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