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Home ›   Astrology Blogs ›   Vastu Tips : Know how wrong Vastu and Rahu-Ketu's bad effects can make you pauper

Vastu Tips : Know how wrong Vastu and Rahu-Ketu's bad effects can make you a pauper

My Jyotish Expert Updated 09 Jun 2022 07:05 PM IST
Vastu Tips : Know how wrong Vastu and Rahu-Ketu's bad effects can make you a pauper
Vastu Tips : Know how wrong Vastu and Rahu-Ketu's bad effects can make you a pauper - Photo : Google
Rahu Ketu has to come into everyone's life. Due to this many problems have to be faced in life. The planet Rahu is the god of sins. It has been told in the scriptures that Rahu and Ketu always move in retrograde motion. Rahu Ketu does not allow progress in everyone's life. They create obstacles in work in some form or the other.

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Rahu Ketu brings Kaal Sarp Dosh into the life of any human being. After knowing this, the person also takes measures for it. There is an interruption in work. The Dasha of Rahu Ketu causes many problems in a person's life. Due to their condition, negative energy resides in the house.
These planets are said to be sinful planets. They do not have any existence. Therefore, whoever these planets are with, they start giving their effect accordingly. It happens very rarely when this too in a horoscope like Saturn, their effect is very auspicious.

Jyoti Shastras have described them as shadow planets. And if everyone wants to avoid a lousy shadow, then they also want to remedy it. It is said that if Rahu Ketu is in your horoscope, it affects you for a long time. Problems like falling, getting hurt, etc. keep in our life.

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Rahu Ketu is also related to the most important place in our life, the kitchen and the house of worship. The kitchen is such a place where a woman goes to this place for a long time. Always keep the kadhai and tawa in the kitchen in the right way. What are the things we should pay attention to?
 Keep these things in mind
* After using Tawa in the kitchen, put it in water only after it cools down. By doing this, the happiness and peace of the house go away. Along with this, there is a lack of money in the house.
*Never leave anything on the gas after making a pan because negativity resides in the house.
While making bread, women first go out for the cow and then give it to someone else in the house. Then you feed the roti to the cow with your hand.
* You should keep Tawa in such a place in your kitchen where no outsider can see it. Keep it hidden.
Never keep Tawa and Kadhai upside down in the kitchen. By doing this wrong feelings enter the house.
* After using the Tawa, wash it at any time and keep it. Avoid lying.
* It is a belief that before cooking food, start cooking by adding a little salt to the pan or Tawa.
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