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Vastu tips: Remedies to remove negativity from the house

my jyotish expert Updated 22 Sep 2021 07:12 PM IST
vasu tips house
vasu tips house - Photo : google
In Vastu Shastra, awful energy is viewed as regrettable energy and great energy as sure energy. The manner in which the energy streams on the individual and his home, it additionally influences the wellbeing, satisfaction and abundance of the individual.

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There are whatever rules in Vastu science which are followed, then, at that point, we can exploit positive energy by eliminating the impact of negative energy from us. Like Feng Shui of China, in Indian Vastu Shastra, a few things are said to draw in sure energy. In the event that these things are kept in the ideal spot in the house, subsequent to disposing of negative energy, one can partake in a glad life loaded with cash and grains.
Put such an image of a pony in the house
-         According to Vastu Tips, the image of a pony is extremely propitious. Yet, it ought to be remembered that the image you are acquiring the house has not one but rather seven ponies.
-         If there is a sun god riding on a chariot of seven ponies, then, at that point, this image is much more favorable. East course is considered favorable for shooting a pony.
-         It is accepted that such pictures send positive energy in the house which keeps individuals sound and lively. Such pictures are additionally viewed as an image of progress and achievement.

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These photos likewise give propitious outcomes

-         If you need to make the visitor room look excellent just as get the advantage of Vastu similarity, then, at that point, remember that the picture of a mountain or a flying bird is put behind the seat of the top of the house in the visitor room. Such pictures help certainty and assurance.
-         In the visitor room, you should put an image of Lord Krishna with kid leisure activities and the image of your master or any incredible individual from whom you get motivation. You get the advantage of positive energy from such pictures.
Bring it home in propitious time and do this investigation
-         On a propitious day, keeping a conch in the spot of love and loving it with incense and light, then, at that point, the impact of Vastu Dosh in the house is less.
-         Putting cow's milk in a conch and splashing it in the house, it additionally communicates positive energy.
-         If conceivable, blow conch shell before nightfall and first thing in the morning, this keeps the house and the climate around you unadulterated and vigorous.

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