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Home ›   Astrology Blogs ›   Vat Purnima 2022:- Know Banyan Tree related remedies to cure your financial problems

Vat Purnima 2022:- Know Banyan Tree related remedies to cure your financial problems

My Jyotish Expert Updated 08 Jun 2022 02:07 PM IST
Vat Purnima 2022
Vat Purnima 2022 - Photo : Google
Special worship of the banyan tree is done on the day of the Vat Savitri fast. If seen, the worship of the tree is going on since time immemorial. This fast is observed by married women. Pray to her that our husband's life is long and he stays healthy.

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This time, Vat Savitri's fast is observed on June 14, 2022, the full moon day of Jyeshtha month. The banyan tree has special significance on the day of Vat Savitri. According to religious stories, Savitri saved the life of her husband Satyavan by worshiping this tree. Savitri had done severe penance under this tree, due to which Yamraj was pleased and gave a boon to Savitri that her husband Satyavan would be alive. In this way Savitri regained Satyavan. According to religious stories, Tridev resides in this tree. Vishnu resides in the bark, Brahma in the root, and Shiva in the branches. This is a boon to the tree to live in for a long time.
It is believed that Lord Shiva comes under this tree to do penance. If seen, this tree is like a deity. There are many ways to worship under this tree, which is important in our personal life. Happiness remains in the house. There is no shortage of money by worshiping the banyan tree, there are some remedies for this.
 The religious significance of the banyan tree
The banyan tree has religious significance. It is said that all three gods reside in it. If you worship this tree regularly, then all the obstacles in your life are removed. Vat Savitri Vrat is the fast of the fulfillment of wishes. According to scientific belief, the trunk, root, and fruit of the tree are the storehouses of all three medicines. If seen, this tree has its greatness from the religious point of view and the scientific point of view.

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 Do these steps
There are some measures which if you do then there will be no shortage of money.
There is some kind of problem in everyone's life.

* If you are facing heavy losses in business, then you should light a lamp of ghee under this tree on Sunday.
* Everyone in the house wants that there should be happy but it does not happen. If there is a feeling of positive in the house, then you should take a branch of a banyan tree and keep it in the corner of the temple. By doing this, negative energy does not come into the house.
* If you want to fulfill your wish, then you should go to the banyan tree, take the yarn and take rounds by saying the wish in your mind and wrapping the yarn all around.
* You should light a lamp under the banyan tree every evening, of ghee. By doing this, the obstacle will be removed.
* It is believed that by worshiping Shiva linga under this tree as the standard form of Shiva, peace remains in the house. Prosperity arrives.
* If a person has a disease for a long time, then he should sleep with a banyan root under the pillow every day. The disease will get rid of it soon.
* It is said that by reading Hanuman Chalisa under a banyan tree, all the troubles are removed. There is never a feeling of fear inside the mind.
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