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Venus transits to Scorpion 2022: Know which zodiac signs will be blessed

Aishwarya KeshariAishwarya Keshari Updated 22 Nov 2022 04:46 PM IST
Venus transits to Scorpion 2022: Know which zodiac signs will be blessed
Venus transits to Scorpion 2022: Know which zodiac signs will be blessed - Photo : google
Shukra Parivartan 2022: Venus will rise in Scorpio on November 23, happiness will come in life

 The planet Venus has entered Scorpio, the sign of Mars, from 11th November.  But now on November 23, Venus will be transiting in the rising position in Scorpio.  Many zodiac signs will be affected by the transit of Venus.  Along with the rise of Venus, there will also be a time of economic and physical happiness and prosperity.  There will be an arrival of happiness and joy in life, along with this auspicious works will also start.

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 Venus will rise in Scorpio on 23 November.  The transit of Venus will bring happiness and auspicious works in the lives of the natives of many zodiac signs.  According to Vedic astrology, on November 11, after changing the zodiac sign of Venus, Mars has entered Scorpio.  The planet Venus is considered to be the factor of attraction, opulence, good luck, wealth, love and splendour.  Venus will remain seated in Scorpio till 5th December.  Venus was in a setting state due to being with the Sun, but now it will rise.  With this transit of Venus, only happiness is going to come in the lives of 
many zodiac signs.

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This transit will have a special impact on zodiac signs


 For the people of Aries, this time will be better for saving money.  Care will have to be taken regarding health, avoiding outside food and drink will be favourable.  There can be progress in business and career.


 Taurus sign people can get good results in their works.  For those who are in partnership business, this transit will also give some favorability.


 The people of Gemini zodiac need to be careful in matters of health.  There may be eye problems at this time, it would be appropriate to avoid unnecessary debates.


 People of Cancer should not show arrogance in any matter.  Beware of greed.  There will be success in financial matters.  This transit is good for buying a vehicle and a house.

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 Leo sun sign

 There will be an increase in the comforts and facilities for the people of Leo zodiac.  Sweetness will increase in family life.  There is a possibility of getting success in the workplace.


 People of Virgo zodiac are also likely to travel long distances at this time.  Old stalled money is likely to come back.


 Investing at this time will give good profit.  Along with this, relations with the business partner will improve.  Sweetness will increase in relationships with family.  There will be success in career.


 Scorpio sign people will have good health.  People who were not getting married can get married.  There is a possibility of traveling abroad.


 There can be financial loss due to high expenses.  But this time will be good from career point of view.


 There is a possibility of getting a higher position in the job.  Matters related to land and property can be resolved easily.  Respect will increase in the society.


 People of Aquarius will get good benefits.  There will be an increase in workspace.  There is a possibility of monetary gain.  Interest in religious works may increase.


 Success will be achieved in the field of education.  Good relations will be formed with people, and there is also a possibility of success in the workplace.
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