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Vivah Muhurat 2023: Know the special dates to marry your love, this valentine month

Sweksha Sweksha Updated 04 Feb 2023 10:43 PM IST
Want to amplify love and care among the family members? Follow these simple remedies.
Want to amplify love and care among the family members? Follow these simple remedies. - Photo : google
Vivah Muhurat 2023: There will be a lot of marriages in February; know the auspicious time for marriages.
In the auspicious time of marriage, many auspicious occasions will be made in the month of February. At this time, the marriage auspicious time starting from 6th February is going to remain till 28th February. At this time, many people are going to meet for weddings. This week, i.e., from February 6, the auspicious time for marriages is starting. That's why you are going to get a lot of wedding cards in February. According to the Panchang, there are a total of 13 auspicious times for marriage in February. After January, clarinets are going to be played in February as well. The auspicious time for marriage starting on February 6 will remain until February 28. The dates of marriages are coming one after the other. Please be informed that this year, two kharmas are falling. According to the news, the first kharmas will be from March 15 to April 14. The second kharam will be from December 16 to January 14, 2024.

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An auspicious time for marriages is coming in February 2023.6 February, 7 February, 8 February, 9 February, 10 February, 12 February, 13 February, 14 February, 15 February, 17 February, 22 February, 23 February, and 28 February All these days will be auspicious for marriage.

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No auspicious work is done in the Kharmas and Tara sets.It is not considered proper for some months and the setting of some planets to be the time for marriage. During this time, the setting of Kharmas, Jupiter, and Venus is also not auspicious. There are no auspicious or auspicious works of any kind in Kharmas. There is a legend about Kharmas. Once, Lord Surya was circumambulating the universe by riding on his chariot with seven horses. Due to the long delay, the horses of his chariot got tired. On this, he added two donkeys (Khar) standing on the bank of a river to the chariot and stopped both the horses of the chariot to rest. Due to the inclusion of donkeys in the chariot, the speed of the journey slowed down, and because of this, Kharmas comes every year. It is forbidden to do any kind of auspicious work. It is believed that at this time relations, marriages, housewarming (Bhoomi Pujan), Mundan (Tilakotsav), Yagyopaveet Sanskar (i.e., Janeu), and starting of new work or new things are avoided.
Apart from this, Guru and Venus are natural factors in marriage. It is not proper for them to settle. When they set, the happiness of marriage became weaker, but the auspiciousness of these two planets made marriage suitable for getting the happiness of auspicious works.
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