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Home ›   Astrology Blogs ›   Weekly Love Horoscope 09 november to 15 november

Planetary changes may effect your love life this week, Know everything with your zodiac sign ! - R K shridhar

Myjyotish Expert Updated 27 Nov 2020 04:21 PM IST
Astrology - Photo : Myjyotish

Aries - This week's work needs serious attention. People will do some work for the welfare of society . Efforts will be made to resolve the stuck government matters. Son will fully perform his responsibilities. Avoid making any new investment. Your expenses will increase in the middle of the week. There can be danger in money related matters. Stay alert Family-wise you will be able to finish your responsibilities . People will recognize your efficiency and courage.  lover can take you for shopping. An unmarried couple may face opposition in society and family. 

Taurus – This week, success will come from trouble. Tension can come due to overwork. Change the way you do things. Mid of the week can be economically favourable.  There can be losses If used with a little understanding, but  the authorities can impress. Which will benefit further. You can get success in the interview. Use vehicles and machinery carefully.  Love requires sentimentality and generosity. You can plan and hang out with partner. With the help of a child, you can get the job done. . Gemini - There will be less employment opportunities. A new business partnership can be formed. Stay away from the company of clever people or else you can become a victim of prostitution. There may be ideological differences between tenant or father son. Use your senses with enthusiasm. There is a time of stability in the child's career. Time may be appropriate for research, study and research. May participate in religious programs. You can buy electronic goods in the middle of the week. You can get in touch with a big officer.  There can be a favourable environment for the lover.  You will spend romantic moments . You will get a lot of love from your life partner. 

Cancer- This week you may have financial troubles. Speed can be slow in business. Efforts will continue to increase profits. You will see a new way in the competition. The focus will be on the goal. Will perform some important work related to the child. There may be a dispute with the partner. Trouble and headache can cause trouble. Control  your speech. There will be inclination towards moral values. You will be in a holiday mood in the last days of the week due to overwork. Be cautious in transaction matters.  Do not violate dignity and limitation in the love affair. The partner can create the problem. The mood will be off due to problems of children. 

Leo - In the beginning of the week, the process of visits will continue. You can visit this week. There will be a situation of benefit from the in-laws. New challenges will come up in the middle of the week. The sum of the stopped money is received. Change of a program can be worrying. In the desire of peace, temples can go to mosques or monasteries. There may be exciting activities in the family life at the end of the week. There may be an opportunity to participate in any festival. Few can meet there  old lover. Love affair is likely to result in marriage. The partner can take advantage of your straightforwardness. Use your  smartness.  

Virgo –You can get favourable benefits from business participation this week. Will cross over obstacles. Health problems will remain, but will be diagnosed quickly. Your lifestyle will be moderate. Business trips during the week can prove beneficial. An unpleasant incident can be communicated from a relative. Your creative and new thinking can come in front of society. Do not start  any new work in the last round of the week, otherwise money can be destroyed. Take care of your health . Love Partner will remain angry, but cleverness and conversation will help in the work. Newly made friends may help. Young girls can go out for fun. 

Libra -At the beginning of the week, you will move your projects forward. There will be an atmosphere of excitement and happiness in the family. There will be an opportunity to make a mark in the business field in the middle of the week. Good news will come from children. He can get an award. There will be health problems, colds, blood pressure problems. There will be sweetness in marital relations. Improper behavior in love can cause controversy. life may bring a new twist in love relations, which can spoil the relationship. Talk to parents about love partner

Scorpio - This week is the sum of transfers. People who are related to job occupation and government office. They can be transferred. Guests will be arriving. Time will be favorable for good luck. The mind can be restless about the matter of a relative. You should appeal to the officials with sweet voice. Because of which you can achieve great success. At the end of the week, if you are associated with an educational institution, then activities in that area will pick up fast. The activities of the child will disturb.  Your partner will appreciate your feelings. Old love relations may revive. Be careful not to use inappropriate words while talking to your lover.

Sagittarius- You will feel satisfied this week.  You will improve your personality. You will bring positive changes in business. Time is fortunate for love relations. It will hurt to be separated from your loved one. You  will complete their work under the pressure of work. There can be a debate at the workplace. Auspicious time for marriage . There may be differences between the spouse. Your  love partner will openly speak his heart. Will be dominated on social media.

Capricorn - You can achieve your goals in employment this week. There are promotions in the job. Time is good for planning a new business. It will be beneficial to control speech. You may get upset due to interruptions in the mid-week tasks. In the meantime, you must take care of your health. Meeting an old friend will be good for you. Life partner will help you in difficult times. Believing in love is the strength of your love relationship. 

Aquarius - This week will be enjoyable. You will continue towards success. Avoid starting a new job. The benefit of students getting higher education is increasing. You may have many travel trips. Control wasteful expenditure. Health may fluctuate in the mid  week, which will affect the speed of work.  You can participate in any party or event. Relatives will start coming to the house at the end of the week. This week will be mixed fruitful in terms of love affairs. You can negotiate with a love partner.   There can be plan to hang out with lover. 

Pieces- You will get success in accomplishing your goals this week.  Relations with neighbours will improve. There will be an opportunity to attend the family function. Health problems may occur, few can suffer with back pain. Due to which the speed of work will be slow. At the end of the week you will spend your time in entertainment.  New Job offer  may come, the problem will keep the mood off in the field.  There will be success  in situations in love relation. People can be attracted to you. You will use the partner, will try to create better synergy in love. On completion of some work, you will get contented  .

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