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Home ›   Astrology Blogs ›   Weekly Tarot Horoscope September 18-24, 2023: Know what the cards say for you

Weekly Tarot Horoscope September 18-24, 2023: Know what the cards say for you

Liza Gupta Updated 27 Sep 2023 05:18 PM IST
Weekly tarot horoscope
Weekly tarot horoscope - Photo : My jyotish

Aries: This week, Aries is all about tasks, challenges, bumpy roads and people throwing stones in your way. In a career, make sure that you stay aligned with your magician energy where you pick up your magic wand and just do whatever you are required to do or bring more energy into. It is true that you may have to take the burden of others but you will be able to manage it easily. In your relationships, you or your partner would be willing to work on the bond you share with them so be open enough to appreciate their efforts. Also, it would be a good time to invest in assets.

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 Taurus: For Taurus this week is all about choices. 2 will be an important number for you or you may say your lucky number even. In your career I see you taking the lead, coming into your rebel energy. So if you have been trying to postpone any tasks or meetings, this week will be in favour of you. In case of any deal, your fears or lack of confidence may try to stop you. In relationships, look at the kind of bonds you have in your life, is receiving and giving happening on the same level? If not then see who actually deserves your love and attention and who is just trying to exploit you.
Gemini: I can smell some deception or the energies of trickery here. Either someone may try to deceive you or you may try to think of taking shortcuts. In a career there is a strong possibility of someone hiding any kind of information from you, make sure you have all the details before you jump to any conclusion also you may feel a little lost between your passion and what you need to do for your bread and butter. In relationships, I do see a third-party situation in your bond it could be someone from the family or from your friend circle who may try to bring up unwanted conflicts between you and your partner.

 Cancer: Be ready for some ego clashes or conflicts with people in general. This week is more about detaching yourself from the kind of control you are seeking from life. In your career, there’s a sense of an energy of revenge where someone may try to put you down or even backstab you in some manner. Make sure your communication is light and healthy with your mates. In a relationship, you are being asked to maintain a balance or a situation of temperance when it comes to handling, taming your mind and focusing more on bringing peace.

 Leo: A week full of exciting and creative energies for sure. A lot is going to happen so just be ready to have some fun and enthusiasm running for the entire week. In your career, there is a possibility of exploring something that really suits and fits your interests and passions. Also, you will feel more confidence and a beautiful halo of positive energy. In your relationships, there is going to be a passionate start for sure, though you may experience indecision or burnout, so just be in the present moment, and avoid thinking about what will happen in the future.

 Virgo: Give good rest to your mind, body and spirit. You are learning a lot about life and about yourself and for that you got to keep yourself more grounded and calm. In your career, there is a new perspective that you are gaining and this is about clarity about what you need to do and how you need to plan your career ahead. In relationships, You are understanding the importance of relationships, there may have been times when you chose to be with people who were good on the face but equally selfish behind your back.

 Libra: Be ready to shed your old skin, this week might bring a lot of triggers through different situations and people but take this as an opportunity to make the required changes for the better. In your career, you may have to face a certain challenge which may look like an obstacle but it will actually act as a ladder to your own success. In relationships too, if there is an energy of boredom or lethargy, make sure you do your regular workout so that you can keep your mind and energy fresh. When you keep yourself happy only then you can keep others around you happy as well.

 Scorpio: There is an adventurous ride which is starting at the beginning of this week. I see you have an attitude of wait and watch. In your career, I see you exploring new ideas or even travelling for work, also you may have to find yourself negotiating here and there. In relationships, there is a very peaceful energy for you, you are also becoming free from certain blockages in your love life or even your family. I see you being more communicative and expressive be it about sharing love or even if it is about communicating your needs and wants.
Sagittarius: For you all, there is definitely good news coming especially when it comes to your family. In your career, there is a possibility where you might feel distracted, and not want to focus on work. However, I feel this will not impact your professional life in any adverse manner. In relationships, you can be blessed with news of a child be it yours or someone else, some celebration in the family, or family get-togethers. If you have been worried about someone’s health in the family, recovery is on its way.

Capricorn: I see you spending time in aloneness more than mingling with the outer world. In your career, you will be using your experience and wisdom to make certain important decisions, I see you bonding with other people but at the same time, your fears may stop you from trusting people at your work. In relationships, reconciliation with your family or your partner is on the horizon but again the question of whether I should trust or not would be a constant struggle. You are being guided to just see what is happening from a distance rather than engaging your heart in everything that you see or do.

Aquarius: Now comes the time to receive your good karma. There has been an energy where you have been thinking a lot about others and very little about yourself leading you to feel unfair. In your career, you will have an opportunity to show your leadership skills so make sure to grab the opportunity because it will not be given to you, you will have to take it. In relationships, this is surely a time of good news, new start, passionate start with your lover especially for those who are single. This will be a good time to think about settling or starting a family.

 Pisces: This week you will receive a lot of help and guidance from your spirit guides. You will have haters and your well-wishers both, now you have to see how to bring the balance in both. In your career, make sure that you are focused more on your own energy than mingling with other people this will help you to stay away from unwanted and unnecessary clashes or disputes. In a relationship, make sure to give time to others than just spending time with yourself. It will be important for you to show your love through actions this week. Sometimes words are not enough.

 Note: This is a collective reading, it may or may not resonate with you. Take what resonates and leave the rest. 
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