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What is the scientific basis of the Puja ? Why should we worship? Does chakra charge when worshiped?

Myjyotish Expert Updated 05 Apr 2021 04:28 PM IST
Astrology - Photo : Myjyotish
There is a difference of opinion among all the wise people of this world whether there is any benefit from the worshiping or not. Whether or not God is found by worshiping, our body definitely gets its scientific benefit. Science has two substances called uranium and radium. Both are scattered on this earth. When scientists collect and enrich uranium, they make atomic bombs. And, by collecting the scattered energy of uranium, it becomes very powerful and becomes a bomb and can kill millions of men.

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Similarly, if scattered radium is collected, it also starts to give light or light. Our universe is a storehouse of energy and our body is also powered by cosmic energy. To make this body more advanced and great, we need more of this cosmic energy. When we collect a lot of rays through science, those rays collect and create a store of energy at one place.
As the rays of the sun are collected, those rays produce fire. In the same way, when we devote our worship to our intellect and mind, there is a stock of energy there. Then the intellect and our mind accumulate that energy store through Udaan Prana and send it to our body and when we wake up by worshiping our body feels joy and the body feels fresh. We get that extra energy from worshiping and meditating.
That is why one should worship a lot, chant, meditate and also meditate and observe the Navratras. So your body will get energy in the same way as solar energy is obtained through solar panels. There will also be an opportunity to know God.
Chakras are charged by meditating and worshiping in the same way as the battery is charged with the solar system. Hindu Sanatan Dharma is the father of all religions.
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