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Vastu Tips:Know which color should be painted on different directions of wall

My Jyotish Expert Updated 25 Oct 2021 02:41 PM IST
Painted wall
Painted wall - Photo : Google
Outside the house, we should use light colors like light blue, white, yellow, orange, cream, etc. Is. The color of the curtains, sheets, and pillows of the house should also be according to the colors of the walls. If you take care of this, you will avoid many troubles to come.

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1. North wall: - The north side of the house is dominated by the water element. It is also called the place of wealth and Lakshmi, so this place should be kept clean, holy, and empty. According to Vastu, light green or pistachio green color should be used in its decoration. Although you can also use sky color. This improves the economic condition. If any other type of dark colors is used here, then there will be financial loss, as well as other problems can also arise. This direction is associated with the wind.

2. North-East Wall:- North-East is called North-East. The deities reside in this direction. It is also considered to be the direction of Lord Shiva. The sky is more open in this direction. The color of the wall in this direction should be sky, white or light purple. However, the yellow color should be used in this because it is the place of gods and goddesses.

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 3. East wall:- White or light blue color can be done on the east wall.

4. South-East Wall:- The southeast part of the house is considered to be of the fire element. It is appropriate to use orange, yellow, or white colors in the decoration of this place. This is called the igneous angle. This is the location of the kitchen.
5. South wall:- Orange color should be used in the south part. This will keep the energy and enthusiasm going. If there is a bedroom, then pink color can be used.
6. South-West wall:- The South-West wall or room is called the southwest corner. In this, brown, off-white, or brown or green color should be used.

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 7. West: Blue color is recommended for the west wall or room. You can also use white in very small amounts along with blue. It is also believed to be the place of Varunadeva, the god of water.
8. West-North Wall:- This is called the west angle. Light gray, white, or cream color can also be used in the drawing-room made in the west direction.

PS:- North- Green, North- Yellow, East- White, Fire- Orange or Silver, South- Orange, Pink or Red, South- Brown or Green, West – Blue, West – Gray or White.

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