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Whose daughter is Prithvi, read the whole story

My Jyotish Expert Updated 28 Apr 2022 01:29 PM IST
Whose daughter is Prithvi, read the whole story
Whose daughter is Prithvi, read the whole story - Photo : Amarujala
Today the whole world is celebrating Earth Day.  World Earth Day is celebrated every year on 22 April.  It started in the year 1970.  In Hinduism, the earth has the status of a mother.  That is why it is called Mother Earth, and on some special occasions, the world is also worshipped.  Not only this, when they wake up in the morning, they ask for their forgiveness before setting foot on the earth; only then do they step on the planet.  Today we will tell you the famous story about soil in Hindu mythology on this special day.

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According to the legend found in religious texts, when Lord Varaha took the earth out of the sea, it was very rough at that time.  This condition of the earth lasted for a long time, due to which what did not do agriculture on it.  During the rule of Prithu's father, Ven, born at the beginning of Tretayuga, the governance system was utterly disorganized, and the sage, Muni, was also unhappy with his behavior.  Then the sages anointed a Kusha and killed King Ven with his help, and after that, his arm was churned out from which a black male appeared first who was called Kevat, and after that, Prithu was born.  They later accepted the earth as his daughter and named it Prithvi.  Since then, Prithvi has been known as Prithu's daughter.

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 It is noteworthy in mythology that Prithu himself was an incarnation of Lord Vishnu and the sages accepted him as the first king of the earth.  Due to the misrule of King Ven, who produced no grain in the world and no vegetation grew.  After that, when Prithu became the king, he promised to serve the subjects righteously without any discrimination, and by his hard work, he ensured the place for the river and the pond by leveling the earth.  He made his governance system karma-oriented and inspired people to take up farming.  In a text called Shatapatha Brahmana, it is also mentioned that King Prithu was the first person who laid the foundation stone of the social system.
In today's time, everyone needs to be alert because looking at the condition of the earth; it seems that in the coming time, there will be a deep crisis regarding food, grains to eat, water to drink, and what will find solution at that time.  Hardly possible.  The doodle that Google has put up today is appropriate to understand this.  It has been shown how the face of the earth is changing, which is not suitable for the time to come.  Therefore, you should also make a resolution and plant as many trees as possible around your house and take care of them.  Please do not waste water and do not throw garbage in rivers, ponds, etc., as it pollutes the water and becomes a big problem for other living beings.
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